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Chinese pair use lewd photos to seek residency

PREYING ON THE ELDERLY:Opposition lawmakers expressed concerns about Chinese spouses marrying veterans following numerous cases of deception

By Wu Ming-chieh, Wu Jen-chieh and Jason Pan  /  Staff reporters, with staff writer

Authorities said they recently uncovered a case in which an elderly Taiwanese veteran was framed by a Chinese woman using lewd pictures of him in bed with her daughter as an attempt to convince immigration officers that the two were husband and wife.

According to National Immigration Agency officials, the perpetrator of the plot was Chen Li-hua (陳麗華), 57, from China, who obtained a Taiwanese residency permit through marriage.

Chen worked as a home care nurse to a 90-year-old veteran, surnamed Chang (張), who lives in military housing for retired servicemen in Taipei City.

Chen wanted to obtain a residency permit for her 32-year-old daughter Chen Ying (陳穎), a Chinese national, and conceived a plot whereby her daughter and the old man were pictured naked in bed in an attempt to convince agency officials that the pair were about to consummate their marriage.

Astounded at the photos and not believing Chen Li-hua’s accounts, an agency officer asked Chang why the photos had been taken. Exasperated that the officer appeared to have uncovered the deception, Chen Li-hua became angry.

As the officer pressed the issue and the timid 90-year-old did not reply, Chen Li-hua slapped Chang and said: “You are so useless.”

The officer had to intervene to stop Chen Li-hua from striking Chang again.

The agency found the deceit was the idea of the mother and daughter who were subsequently detained for questioning and charged with forging documents by the New Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office.

Opposition lawmakers asked the Veterans Affairs Commission to thoroughly examine the status of retired servicemen marrying Chinese spouses because of the many cases of such spouses deceiving elderly men.

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