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College entrance results show 90.44% accepted

Staff Writer, with CNA

Students register for an entrance exam to Far East University in Sinshih District of Greater Tainan yesterday.

Photo: Wu Chun-feng, Taipei Times

A total of 66,683 people scored high enough on this year’s college entrance exams to be accepted to college, constituting a 90.44 percent acceptance rate, the college entrance exam committee said yesterday when it released the test results.

Of the 79,567 people who were eligible to apply for college, 73,728 took the entrance exam, the committee said, adding that the acceptance rate had dropped from 94.87 percent in the previous year.

The oldest applicant, 54, was accepted into National Dong Hwa University’s department of ethnic relations and cultures, while the youngest, 16, was accepted to National Cheng Kung University’s department of medicine.

Most applications were directed at 54 of the nation’s universities.

While most students applied to several colleges, 54 people applied only to a single school, and of those, 31 were not accepted.

In contrast, 8,513 students elected to complete the entire roster by applying to their top 100 desired universities. Of this group, 857 failed to be accepted by a single institution.

In total, 7,045 students did not make it into college, the highest number in four years and an increase from 3,850 persons last year, 2,253 in 2009 and 2,432 in 2008.

While some students scored very well on their test, receiving almost a 500 out of a maximum of 600 marks, they were not accepted because they only applied to National Taiwan University’s Department of Medicine.

The committee said the difference in how scores were calculated this year accounted for large fluctuations. As such, it was difficult to accurately predict the range of students’ scores this year.

Data on admitted students were sent to the various universities yesterday and universities would notify students about their status, the committee said, adding that if students who have taken the test have questions concerning scores, they can log onto the committee’s Web site and enter the search term “explanation of test results,” prior to Friday.

If students still have questions about their scores, they may apply to have their test score reviewed according to the relevant regulations, the committee said.

The list of admitted students is available online at www.uac.edu.tw.

Translated by Jake Chung, staff writer

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