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FEATURE: Days of political prisoner legislators near their end

By Tseng Wei-chen  /  Staff Reporter

In the 1995 legislative elections, Chiu, Shih, Chang, Lu Hsiu-yi, Yen and Roger Hsieh (謝聰敏) all successfully ran for consecutive legislator terms, and Wang Tuoh (王拓) and Fan Sun-lu (范巽綠), both also participants of the Kaohsiung Incident, also ran for legislative seats and were elected.

Hsieh had been imprisoned for six years for his “Declaration of Self-Salvation of the Taiwanese People (台灣人民自救宣言).” Hsieh was abroad on the eve of the Kaohsiung Incident. He returned to Taiwan in 1986 and successfully ran for a DPP legislator-at-large seat under the support of Huang Shin-chieh.

In the 1998 legislative elections, Wang Tuoh, Chiu, Shih, Fan, Chang and Yen all successfully ran for legislator seats, and the legislator-at-large seats included Tai and Chen Chung-hsin (陳忠信), who was also jailed for his involvement in the Kaohsiung Incident.

Wang Sing-nan, arrested for mailing a bomb to then-provincial governor Hsieh Tung-min (謝東閔) in October 1976, joined the elections and was successfully elected to a legislative seat.

While Roger Hsieh failed to win a third consecutive term, Lu Hsiu-yi died of lung cancer during his third consecutive term.

In the 2001 legislative elections, the first after the DPP took the power, Wang Sing-nan, Wang Tuoh, Chiu, Chang, Chen and Yen had all successfully ran for consecutive legislator terms.

Only Wang Tuoh, Wang Sing-nan, and Lee won consecutive terms in the 2004 legislative elections however, while Li Ao (李敖), who had been imprisoned for criticizing Chiang Kai-shek (蔣介石), successfully ran for a legislator seat on behalf of the New Party.

The 2008 legislative elections, with the number of legislators elected decreased by half and all districts only able to be represented by one member, only saw Wang Sing-nan running for legislators-at-large and successfully making a consecutive term. Li Ao had no wish for a consecutive term, while Wang Tuoh became an administrative officer, while Lee Ming-hsien didn’t even make it out of the party primary.

However, with the passage of time, the former political victims, with the highest elected number of 11 persons to the sole member in the current session, it is possible that there would be no more former political victims to take the position of legislator in the future.

Translated by Jake Chung, Staff Writer

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