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MND to issue comic-book version of White Paper


The Ministry of National Defense will publish a comic version of its latest defense White Paper in October as part of its efforts to cultivate interest in military service among young readers.

“It will be a bold step for the typically serious and conservative Ministry of National Defense to reach out to the younger generation in a lively, animated style,” a ministry official said.

The new approach is necessary as the government seeks to establish an all-volunteer military by 2015.

While the ministry’s regularly published defense White Papers could be good material to help students grasp what military service is like, those publications may be too difficult, intricate and boring for young readers, the official said.

“Therefore, we have decided to break with tradition and publish a comic version of our defense White Paper,” he said.

The comic version will mainly target junior high school students, many of whom are known to be avid readers of comic books, the official said.

“Through an illustrated and animated dialogue style, the comic version of our defense White Paper is expected to inspire teen readers to opt for a military career when they reach the right age,” the official said.

The official said the comic version was almost complete, but the ministry would hold some more brainstorming sessions before putting the finishing touches on it.

He said the ministry has held several meetings with the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Education to discuss issues related to volunteer military service.

At least 62 laws and statutes must be amended to allow for the implementation of the all-volunteer military service system, he said.

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