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New Party thugs in airport clash

UNHOLY ALLIANCE The New Party secretary-general has been fingered by police for directing gangsters to attack pan-green protesters during a fight at the airport

By Rich Chang  /  STAFF REPORTER

Police yesterday accused New Party Chairman Yok Mu-ming (郁慕明) and his Secretary-General Lee Sheng-feng (李勝峰) of pushing police at CKS International Airport last Tuesday.

"Evidence showed Yok grabbed a club away from police and pushed them. We also think he ordered gangsters to attack pan-green supporters," said Aviation Police Bureau Director Chen Tzi-chin (陳子敬) yesterday.

"They were accused of interfering with public functions," Chen said.

Lee said yesterday that he was merely keeping pan-green protesters at bay and protecting Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Chairman Lien Chan (連戰) when he entered the airport.

"I don't feel sorry about my behavior in the clash. If the police say I've broken the law, I would say they are wrong," the party secretary-general said. He said the three black-clad youth who accompanied him to the airport were Lien supporters, not gangsters.

Yok had vowed to return "blood with blood," referring to a Lien supporter who was injured during the fight. The New Party chairman has since left the country.

Wang Lan (王蘭), spokeswoman for the Grand Alliance to Safeguard the Republic of China was arrested at CKS International Airport yesterday afternoon as she entered the country.

Wang allegedly led gangsters in the clashes at the airport. Her ex-husband, Chu Chia-hsun (朱家訓), the former leader of the Tiger Division of the Bamboo Union (竹聯幫)crime syndicate, was detained last Thursday.

Police yesterday arrested the three Bamboo Union members who accompanied Lee at the airport, including Tan Cheng-yu (譚振宇), Chao Chin-chung (趙執中) and Chang Yun-wei (張筠尉). They were ordered detained by the Taoyuan District Court on Saturday night.

Phoenix Corps (虎鳳隊), another former head of the Bamboo Union's Tiger Division was detained earlier last week.

Police said their investigation showed the three unidentified black clad youth pushed police and attacked pan-green supporters. Police said the three are Bamboo Union gang members and all have criminal records.

Police said two other Bamboo Union members who were at the airport -- Kang Long-hui (康龍輝) and his younger brother Kang Liang-gi (康良吉) -- were released by prosecutors because they did not attack anyone. The Kang brothers wore clothes in Republic of China flag colors when they appeared at the airport.

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