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Truth might never come out about shooting, Lee says


Forensic expert Henry Lee (李昌鈺) said on Tuesday that even if he completes his report on the March 19 shooting of President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) and Vice President Annette Lu (呂秀蓮) by September, the truth may not come out after all.

Lee made the remarks after arriving in Singapore to attend an international forensics conference.

He said that his findings about the March 19 shooting are identical to those of the Criminal Investigation Bureau, namely that the shooter used a modified replica pistol and that the bullets were made in Taiwan.

Noting that getting a complete picture of a shooting depends on four conditions -- the crime scene, physical evidence, witnesses and luck -- Lee said the March 19 shooting investigation lacks three, only having physical evidence.

He said that it was a pity that police didn't cordon off the crime scene and that they let the attacker flee.

Lee said that finding the killer and the motives is the responsibility of the police, adding that he is only helping in the forensics area of the case.

He had earlier confirmed that Chen had indeed suffered a bullet wound across his abdomen, after the pan-blue alliance alleged that the shooting might have been a political scheme to help boost Chen's chances of re-election.

He said on Tuesday that the possibilities of self-inflicted wounds or a staged assassination are minimal.

Asked if there are other possibilities, Lee said that he would not speculate, because he does not want to encourage people with axes to grind.

He said during a transit stop in Taipei on Tuesday that the shooting was a complex case and that it would have been easier to solve if the crime scene had been preserved well.

Lee, at the invitation of State Public Prosecutor General Lu Ren-fa (盧仁發), had led a panel of ballistic experts to Taiwan in April to visit the crime scene and meet with officials.

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