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The 'Ilan Tank' trundles into the future

As guardians of the DPP's core philosophy, the `Ilan Gang' has upheld tradition and enforced strict discipline to keep its members on the path set by the pioneers of Taiwan's democracy movement

By Yang Shu-mei

What few people have noticed, is that the usually low-key council actually has the greatest concentration of the Yu clan's members. Apart from Council Chairman Lin Te-fu, Deputy Chairman Wu Shou-chian (吳壽遷) is also from Ilan.

During Yu's tenure as county commissioner, Wu was in charge of organizing the Taiwan Regional Games in Ilan. Council advisor Lin Ta-yi (林大溢) is also one of Yu's men. He was once chief executive of the Ilan Association for the Promotion of Industries (宜蘭工業策進會) and he was an important advisor on attracting business investment when Yu was county commissioner.

Yu has installed his clan members in the central government agencies. Chuang Ho-hsiung (莊和雄), who served as education bureau chief under Yu's Ilan County government, has been appointed to the Executive Yuan's Seventh Division, which controls "general affairs" (which include money matters). One can see that Yu has installed his clan members in the most inconspicuous positions, but these are people who can best follow the essence of Yu's ideas and are in a position to implement them.

The power of the Yu clan, as part of the Ilan Gang, is also increasing at the local level of government. Lin Hsi-yao (林錫耀), who served as environmental bureau chief under Yu's Ilan County government, is now deputy commissioner of Taipei County under Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌). Yu also unilaterally promoted Su Li-chiung (蘇麗瓊), who served as civil affairs bureau chief under him in Ilan. Yu recommended her to Kaohsiung City Mayor Frank Hsieh (謝長廷), who appointed her as social affairs bureau chief to replace the outgoing Chen Chu.

Because of his Ilan-based experience under Yu, Ilan's former construction bureau chief, Lee Wen-liang (李文良), was also recruited by Hsieh to oversee Kaohsiung City's development bureau, plan Kaohsiung's transformation projects and organize major international events.

A very interesting development is that Chiu Shu-ti (邱淑題), who served as the director of Ilan's health office under Yu, was lured away by Taipei City's KMT mayor, Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九), to serve as director of the city's health bureau.

Yu's leadership created the potential power of the Yu clan, but the fearsomeness of the "Ilan tank" does not depend entirely on this group.

Apart from Chen Ding-nan and Yu, the current county commissioner of Ilan, Liu Shou-cheng (劉守成), also continues to defend the government (in effect, the DPP's turf). His outstanding performance is opening the way for him to move his battleground to the central government.

In the central-level legislative branch, there is Chang Chuan-tien (張川田), who is an Ilan elder, as well as first-term lawmaker Chen Chin-te (陳金德), also known as the "oldest grandson of the tangwai movement." At the level of local councils, Lee Kun-tse (李昆澤), who is set to be nominated by the DPP for Kaohsiung City councilor, is also a warrior from the Ilan legion.

The "Ilan tank" is launching an all-out offensive at both the central and local levels of government. Even in the military, Ilan people are rising with leaps and bounds.

The Ilan background of Pan Ai-chu (潘愛珠), who served as political warfare chief at the Military Intelligence Bureau, elevated her to the glory of becoming the military's first female major general in 34 years. Lieutenant general Chiu Chung-nan (邱忠男), who interacted very well with commissioner Yu while in charge of Command 202 of the military police, was also promoted to deputy commander of the Special Operations Center under the National Security Bureau. Yang Te-chih (楊德智), an Ilan native and current chairman of the Veterans Affairs Commission, is widely rumored within the military to be the hot candidate for the next defense minister.

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