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Woman repeats charges Chen advisor raped her


The unemployed single mother who on Monday accused a national policy advisor of rape held another press conference yesterday in order to repeat her accusations.

Accompanied by her lawyer and New Party lawmaker Hsieh Chi-ta (謝啟大), the woman held the conference in response to National Policy Advisor Chen Chao-chuan's (陳朝傳) denial of her charges.

The woman maintained that Chen's claim that there had been no sexual assault was a lie and went on to call him a "pervert" and a "nobody." She denies ever asking Chen for money or engaging in sexual conduct with him until the May 5 incident.

The woman restated that Chen invited her to his Shihlin residence under the pretense of offering to help her find a job. She said that once she had entered his apartment, Chen immediately sexually assaulted her.

"Chen said to me `I'm a National Policy Advisor,' `I'm a good businessman' and I'm close to President Chen,'" the woman said.

The woman waited until he fell asleep before escaping and reporting the incident to Shihlin police.

In response to the charges, Chen yesterday said that he had known the woman for six years and had had sex with her at least four times. Denying the woman's story, Chen said that she may be acting under the influence of a politician.

Chen said that on May 5, he brought the woman to his apartment to rest and that she insisted on having sex, after which he fell asleep. When he awoke he thought her absence was simply a game of "hide-and-seek." It wasn't until police arrived that he realized he was being charged with sexual assault.

Chen said that during the past six years, he and the woman had seen each other occasionally and maintained a good relationship. He said that on occasion he had even offered financial assistance to the woman.

Chen, who has been one of President Chen Shui-bian's (陳水扁) national policy advisors for more than a year, said he thought that the reason the woman had made the charges against him was that she was being controlled by one of his political enemies.

The case has been handed over to prosecutor Chien Ching-yu (簡靜玉). The Shihlin police released a statement saying that the nature of the relationship between Chen and the woman as well as the events of May 5 would be established within the next week.

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