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A: If you’ve ever seen wartime footage, it is quite jerky and it looks like the action is moving too quickly.

B: I hear that’s because the footage was originally shot on hand-cranked cameras.

A: I wonder how they managed to smooth out the footage and slow it down.

B: They would have needed to add frames and adjust the frame rate.

A: 如果你曾經看過戰時的影片,就會知道那些畫面經常跳動,而且裡面的動作看起來太快了。

B: 我聽說那是因為這些影片原本都是用手搖式攝影機拍攝的。

A: 我在想製作團隊要怎麼樣讓畫面變得順暢一點,還要放慢速度。

B: 他們可能會需要增加影格數量,然後調整影格率。

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