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Watching the sunset on Green Island

The sun sets over the ocean at Green Island in Taitung County on Jan. 1.

Photo: Huang Ming-tang, Liberty Times

When touring Green Island, aside from the usual must-see scenic spots, the island’s beautiful sunset is the exclusive scenic choice of the seasoned traveller. There are two main places to enjoy the sunset on Green Island. The first is at Green Island Lighthouse situated on the west coast of the island. Visitors can watch from a close distance on the beach as the sun slowly sets beside the lighthouse.

The second location is on the island’s east coast, opposite the lighthouse, at Ox-Head Hill. To get there, one must first walk along a path to a commanding point at the top of the hill. From here, it is possible to see the setting sun in all its glory as it disappears into the ocean’s horizon, with a wholly unobstructed view of the twilight sky.

Whether you view the sunset from Green Island Lighthouse or at Ox-Head Hill, anyone who sees it with their own eyes cannot fail to be moved by the beautiful sight of Nature in all its splendor. Furthermore, since the entrance to the trail that leads to Ox-Head Hill is not clearly signposted, many visitors pass it by, which means that it has become a kind of secret viewing spot.

Those who wish to view the sunset at Ox-Head Hill should slow down after driving past the Guanyin Cave; if you look carefully over your right shoulder, you will find the entrance to the path, surrounded by wooden fencing. The best time to view the sunset during summertime is late afternoon around 5pm. Don’t forget to arrive early and wait to be sure you don’t miss that special moment when the sun melts into the island’s coastline.

(Liberty Times, translated by Edward Jones)



1. must-see scenic spot n. phr.


(bi4 you2 jing2 dian3)

2. lighthouse n.


(deng1 ta3)

3. commanding point n. phr.


(zhi4 gao1 dian3)

4. coastline n.


(hai3 an4 xian4)





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