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Zodiac prediction for this year

The Sheep (羊)

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Years: 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015

People born under the sign of the Sheep tend to be arty. They are good at what they do, and feel most comfortable in the Great Outdoors. Given to feelings of insecurity, they need to feel loved and protected. They prefer a quiet life, and like neither confrontation nor making important decisions. As such, they are not suited to a career in business, and are more suited to arts, crafts and creativity.

In love, they can be romantic and gentle, but occasionally also bossy and unwilling to work hard for the relationship. They do not dare to express their love openly.




The Sheep: This year is the Year of the Sheep, and this means it will be a year of many changes for people born under this sign. They should go with the flow, and not get caught up in things that lead nowhere. They will need to proceed carefully.




羊腸小道 (yang2 chang2 xiao3 dao4)

narrow and winding road

例: We used to go rambling along the narrow, winding country roads.


順手牽羊 (shun4 shou3 qian1 yang2)

to take advantage of a crisis for personal gain

例: His New Year’s resolution was to drop his bad habit of taking advantage all the time.


餓虎撲羊 (e4 hu3 pu1 yang2)

like a famished tiger pouncing upon a sheep

例: He must be really hungry, the way he pounced on that food.


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