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Cows on parade 群牛逛大街

A herdsman ropes a bull in Hungary, Sep. 21, 2007.Photo: EPA

Cattle roundups are mostly a thing of the past, and this story takes place in western Pennsylvania, not the Wild West.

None of that mattered earlier this month when a resident called to report a herd of cattle walking through her yard.

Mayor Bill Boyd was first on the scene. He honked his horn at the nine bulls, cows and calves that were walking along. They were barely 90m from the town's main street.

"Two of them had pretty good horns on them," Boyd said.

Boyd got eight of the critters to stop, but the ninth just kept heading toward the town's main street.

Nathan Claycomb, a police officer, joined the mayor in trying to stop the stubborn animal.

Then a handful of residents joined in. Together they managed to get the wandering herd locked up in a nearby field.

Boyd said he doesn't know who owns the cattle.(STAFF WRITER, WITH AP)











1. cattle roundup n. phr.

趕牛入圈 (gan3 niu2 ru4 juan4)

例: We took part in a cattle roundup last week.


2. herd n.

畜群 (chu4 qun2)

例: We saw a herd of elephants in Africa.


3. critter n.

動物 (dong4 wu4)

例: There's a strange looking critter in the yard.


4. stubborn adj.

頑固的 (wan2 gu4 de5),難應付的 (nan2 ying4 fu4 de5)

例: Some people are very stubborn about petty things.


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