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‘New York Times’ op-ed calls on US to sell out Taiwan

By William Lowther  /  Staff Reporter in Washington

“Taiwan belongs to the people of Taiwan and they will decide their future, not Washington. And by the way, Beijing is in no position to spend the billions of dollars in Treasury bills to buy anything,” Paal said.

“Those T-bills are repositories for money the Chinese government has borrowed from the people and businesses of China on which the authorities must pay interest,” Paal said.

The Web site “Business Insider” said Kane had presented “the worst idea ever for dealing with our national debt.”

“This idea isn’t simply far-fetched, it’s just ludicrous. What Kane is advocating is an abdication of our strategic ­­­self-­direction,” it said.

“What’s scary is not that this will ever happen — it won’t — but that the size of the debt is causing people to think loonier and loonier things,” the Web site said.

National Review Online called the op-ed “goofy.”

“Does anyone think that a sell out deal would have any result except a declaration of independence by Taiwan?” the op-ed said.

“They’d figure at that point they had nothing to lose, causing the ChiComs to react and then we might indeed get drawn into a war,” it said.

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