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Prosecutors charge yet another vote captain with bribery

By Jimmy Chuang  /  STAFF REPORTER

Following vote captain Lin Shao Hsiu-yu's (林邵秀玉) arrest three days ago, Kaohsiung judges yesterday approved the detention of another vote captain, Cheng Tien-ho (鄭天和), who allegedly worked for the same candidate as Lin Shao, on the charge of bribery.

"Cheng has admitted that he was trying to buy votes for one of the candidates in his constituency at the price of NT$500 each. He had finished his job and gave away NT$200,000, which was provided by the candidate. However, he has not told us who that candidate is," Prosecutor Huang Tsai-hsiu (黃彩秀) said.

Prosecutors discovered that Cheng is a resident of the city's fifth constituency. A total of 15 candidates, including former city council speaker Chu An-hsiung's (朱安雄) daughter, Chu Ting-shan (朱挺珊), and former Kaohsiung City Government Civil Affairs Bureau Director Wang Wen-cheng's (王文正) son, Wang Yu-bin (王育彬), are campaigning for seven seats.

Although prosecutors said that both Lin Shao and Cheng allegedly worked for the same candidate, they cannot confirm the allegations, because Lin Shao and Cheng never said that the candidate was involved in the case, saying their attempts to buy votes were decisions made without authorization.

However, both Lin Shao and Cheng have admitted that they paid the money to buy votes for the candidate they support.

A number of Chinese-language newspapers alleged that Chu's daughter could be the candidate the two vote captains were working for because the Chu family is the wealthiest among the rest of the 17 candidates in the constituency. In addition, although now a fugitive, Chu An-hsiung still has a lot of supporters in the constituency, who now support Chu Ting-shan.

However, all the allegations were not confirmed by prosecutors as their investigation of the two bribery cases are not completed.

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