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LETTER: Military glass ceiling breaks

The nation's military has long employed female members and now, from fresh recruits to commanding officers, women shoulder the responsibilities that come with key positions. There is no longer any need for concerns that women are not suitable for these kinds of jobs.

Some female candidates have been outstanding in their areas of expertise. Female military personnel have been able to further enhance their skills under the "gender equality" and "equal compensation" programs promoted by the military.

In the future, warfare is likely to depend on high-tech weapons and the push of a single button could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

In the heat of battle, success will rely on a combination of intelligence and information, not brute strength. In this regard, there would be no great difference between male and female military personnel in terms of natural ability.

Moreover, in some ways -- for instance, concentration or discretion -- women may be more effective and secure more successful results than men.

Accordingly, one day, the extraordinary performance of our female military personnel will be another paragraph in the glorious history of defending our homeland.

Tsai Hon-yen

Tainan City

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