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Sun, Jan 23, 2005 - Page 12 News List

Flamboyant `Mosi' laid to rest

The eccentric designer, whose style was once dismissed as `Alpine Pimp,' was killed after a tryst with an Iraqi toyboy


In what is being described as the biggest public funeral since former German chancellor Willy Brandt died in 1992, millions of Germans watched yesterday as a flamboyant Munich designer, strangled by a male prostitute, was laid to rest as his pet Yorkshire terrier looked on.

Four national TV networks devoted live air time to the funeral procession and interment of Rudolph Moshammer, whose sensational murder climaxed the high-profile life of the bewigged and bejeweled man who has been described as "the only genuine eccentric in Germany."

Traffic along Munich's showcase Maximilian Strasse came to a halt as the funeral procession paused in front of Moshammer's boutique before heading for a celebrity cemetery where the designer was to be entombed next to his mother -- and next to an earlier pet, Yorkie.

In a way, it seems only fitting that the funeral of "Mosi" (the nickname Munich residents affectionately called him) has become a national media event.

He and his Yorkshire terrier, Daisy, were fixtures at every glittering social event -- the Bayreuth Opera Festival, the Vienna Opera Ball or Munich's Oktoberfest beer party.

Jose Carreras, who had once bought some neckties from Moshammer's fashionable Maximilian Strasse boutique, would perform at the Munich Opera House -- only to be upstaged by Mosi and Daisy, alighting from a horse-drawn coach.

Mosi and Daisy appeared in McDonald's commercials. They were on billboards for rental car agencies. Advertisements claimed they never left home without a certain major credit card.

A frequent talk-show host, Mosi also made guest appearances in TV series and even on the German version of Big Brother.

Everywhere that Moshammer went, he was instantly recognizable with his raven-black hairpiece bizarrely coiffed into a style reminiscent of the 19th-century Bavarian "Mad King" Ludwig II.

A champion of male facial makeup, Moshammer brazenly ladled blusher and bronzer onto his round face and rimmed his eyes in thick mascara. His arched brows and a broad black moustache gave the appearance of having been painted on.

His penchant for silks and brocades meant he was decked out head-to-toe in flamboyant, self-designed outfits which often echoed costumes of the 18th century -- the period into which he said he had always wished to have been born.

He would arrive in a gleaming Rolls-Royce driven by his faithful uniformed chauffeur, who also doubled as the butler at Mosh-ammer's million-dollar home in the upscale Gruenwald suburb.

And always at his side, usually in a satin-lined Yves Saint Laurent basket or cradled in his bejeweled hand, was his ever-present pet Yorkshire terrier Daisy, a white bow tying fur up and out of her eyes.

He even auditioned on national TV two years ago to become Germany's entry in the Eurovision Song Contest -- as a singing duo with Daisy in his arms. They were not chosen, but their picture was on the front pages of every tabloid in Germany the next morning.

So it was only fitting that his strangulation murder at the hands of a 25-year-old immigrant Iraqi toyboy whom he had picked up at the Munich railway station would dominate the news in Germany for days.

The suspect, linked to the crime scene by genetic fingerprinting evidence, has admitted wrapping a phone cord around Moshammer's neck and strangling him to death after the designer refused to pay US$2,000 for a sexual tryst at Moshammer's suburban Munich mansion.

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