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Bilingual Arts: Seeking the “Male Mona Lisa”

On Nov. 15, 2017, the painting Salvator Mundi (Savior of the World, photo 1) was sold for US$450 million (approx. NT$14 billion) at Christies New York, making it the most expensive painting ever sold at auction. The painting’s buyer is believed to have been aFULL STORY


A: But I don’t listen to classical music, so I have no need for that information. B: Hmm, but you like K-pop and Taiwanese indie bands, don’t you? A: That’s right and their album packaging is very special, but I only need the music. B: You miss soFULL STORY

Taiwan makes history as same-sex marriage law takes effect
台灣之光 同性婚姻新法今日生效

The Legislative Yuan passed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage on May 17, which also happened to be International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, making Taiwan the first country in Asia to do so. Hundreds of same-sex couples across the country are to register theirFULL STORY


A: With classical music, for example, the inner sleeve of the record or CD includes a detailed explanation written by an expert, telling you at which point in the composer’s life the works were written. B: Can’t I find that information on the Internet? A: You can,FULL STORY

Singer Mraz and composer Sakamoto to visit Taiwan
傑森瑪耶茲、坂本龍一 近日相繼訪台

Grammy Award winner Jason Mraz launched his Asian concert tour this month, and is set to stage a concert at the Taipei Arena on Saturday. He will return to Asia in July for more shows in South Korea and Japan, and perform at the FujiFULL STORY


A: Bands make most of their money from live performances or merchandising; CDs are used for marketing and raising their profile. B: I spend a lot on tickets and merchandise, too, but think how much work goes into the packaging, cover design and inner sleeves. IfFULL STORY

Ramadan in Indonesia
伊斯蘭齋戒月 印尼穆斯林奉獻反省度聖月

Having observed the new moon of the ninth month of 1440 AH of the Islamic calendar on the evening of May 5, the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs announced that Ramadan this year was to begin the following day, on May 6, and continue throughFULL STORY


A: Playing physical copies on specialist equipment, vinyl or CD, gives much better sound quality than digital files. Computers and phones have many programs and apps, but these take away from the audio functions. B: I get that, but the equipment and the records take upFULL STORY

Building friendship through tea: Taiwan Expo opens in India
以茶會友 台灣形象展新德里登場

The 2019 Taiwan Expo in India opened its doors to the public on Thursday at New Delhi’s India International Convention and Expo Center. This year’s expo is more focused on culture than last year and introduces Taiwan through a people-oriented approach, bringing together the twoFULL STORY


A: I imagine you have a huge record collection at home. I find it strange that, if you put the files on your phone, why you don’t just buy the digital files, or subscribe to an online platform? B: I can listen to the songs onFULL STORY

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