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World’s oldest bread found at prehistoric site in Jordan
世界最古老麵包 約旦史前遺址驚喜出爐

Charred remains of a flatbread baked about 14,500 years ago in a stone fireplace at a site in northeastern Jordan have given researchers a delectable surprise: people began making bread, a vital staple food, millennia before they developed agriculture. No matter how you slice it,FULL STORY


A: How’s your broken finger? B: It was just a hairline fracture. The doctor said it doesn’t need a splint or anything. A: Does it hurt? Is it still bruised? B: Not really. I just have to be careful not to use it. A: 你受傷的手指現在怎麼樣了? B: 這只是細微骨裂,醫生說並不需要用夾板或類似的東西。 A: 會痛嗎?現在還有瘀青嗎? B:FULL STORY

Bilingual Music: The French tradition of Baroque keyboard music (II)
雙語音樂: 法國巴洛克鍵盤音樂傳統(二)

Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683–1764) is another major composer and musical theorist of French Baroque music. In terms of opera, Rameau was heir to the style of Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632–1687), using dance music to enrich the French operatic tradition; in terms of keyboard music, Rameau produced threeFULL STORY


A: Can I have the five-grain loaf and the sour bread, please. B: Do you need them sliced? A: Sure. Well, slice the five-grain, but leave the sour bread unsliced. B: Would you like me to cut it into thin or thick slices? A: 麻煩我要一條五穀麵包和酸麵包。 B: 麵包要切片嗎? A: 要。喔,切五榖麵包就好,酸麵包不用切。 B: 你要切薄片還是厚片? EnglishFULL STORY

Musical version of Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing? premieres
音樂劇「搭錯車」 重現電影版經典名曲

The Musical An Accident of Love, based on the 1983 blockbuster Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing?, premiered at the National Taichung Theater earlier this month. Musician Jonathan Lee and other artists attended the event and gave favorable reviews, and went backstage after the showFULL STORY


A: Shave it all off, please. B: Seriously? You always have it short on the back and the sides, and long on the top. A: That’s right, but I fancy a change of hairstyle this time. A new look. B: You’re the boss. A: 請全部都剃掉。 B: 真的嗎?你每次都是把後面和旁邊剪短,頭頂留長。 A: 是啦,可是我這次想要換個髮型,全新造型。 B:FULL STORY

The English Patient voted best Booker winner in 50 years
「曼布克獎」五十年來 最佳小說︰《英倫情人》

Canadian writer Michael Ondaatje’s The English Patient was awarded the Golden Man Booker Prize at a recent event in the UK celebrating five decades of the prestigious literary award. The tale of love and conflict during World War II was praised as the greatest winnerFULL STORY


A: Why are you holding your head at that funny angle? B: I’ve got a crick in my neck. I think I must have slept in the wrong position. A: Well, you do insist on having a huge pile of pillows on your bed. B: I find itFULL STORY

Dog gone: European canines replaced New World’s ancient breeds

Native dogs across North America all but disappeared as a result of Europeans arriving in the Western Hemisphere some 500 years ago, a study published on July 5 found. Researchers found that dogs likely first moved to the New World thousands of years ago, alongside humanFULL STORY


A: I’m so annoyed with myself. I just broke my favorite cup. B: Don’t worry about it. Just buy another one. A: But I’ve had it for years and it was part of a set. It was irreplaceable. B: Nothing lasts forever. A: 我覺得很懊惱,我剛打破了我最喜歡的杯子。 B: 別擔心,再買一個就好了。 A: 可是我用這個杯子已經好多年了,這是一組的,沒辦法用別的杯子代替。 B: 沒有什麼是天長地久的。 English 英文: FULL STORY

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