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Wed, Jan 09, 2019 - Page 6


Lawmaker brutally attacked

A lawmaker of the populist, anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has been seriously injured in a “politically motivated” gang attack, police said yesterday. Frank Magnitz was assaulted in Bremen’s city center on Monday afternoon, police said. “Given the victim’s work, we believe that this is a politically motivated act,” police said. AfD published a photograph of Magnitz unconscious on a hospital bed, his face bleeding and swollen with a gash on his forehead. Three people with their faces covered had carried out the attack, it said. “They hit him with a piece of wood until he was unconscious and then kicked him on the ground,” a statement from the party said, adding that a construction worker had intervened to stop the assault.


Top court reinstates Verma

The Supreme Court yesterday ordered the reinstatement of the Central Bureau of Investigation’s head, in a blow to the government that has been accused of undermining it. In October, the bureau was paralyzed after Director Alok Verma and his second-in-command, Rakesh Asthana, accused each other of bribery and interference in police investigations. The government placed both men on leave, ordering a probe into the allegations. However, the court yesterday said that Verma would be reinstated, although he would not be able to make major policy decisions until the government completes its investigation. “I do not see it solely as a victory for Alok Verma,” Verma’s lawyer, Sanjay Hegde, told reporters. “I see it as a victory for the independence of investigative agencies in this country.”


Tabloid apologizes for story

A tabloid magazine yesterday apologized for an article ranking women’s universities by how easy it is to convince students to have sex at drinking parties. The list appeared in the Dec. 25 issue of the Spa! weekly and prompted outrage, particularly online, where one woman launched a campaign seeking an apology and suspension of sales of the offending issue. “We would like to apologize for using sensational language to appeal to readers about how they can become intimate with women and for creating a ranking ... with real university names ... that resulted in a feature that may have offended readers,” the magazine’s editorial department said in a statement. The article was about a practice described as gyaranomi, or drinking parties that male participants pay women to attend. It said that the parties are popular among female college students and interviewed the developer of an app intended to help men and women find potential attendees. The list was based on information from the developer, the magazine said.


Trump to address the nation

With no breakthrough in sight, President Donald Trump is set to argue in a prime-time address that a “crisis” at the border with Mexico requires a wall that he has demanded before ending a partial government shutdown. Trump’s speech yesterday evening is to be followed by a visit tomorrow to the border. He is to use the visit to “meet with those on the front lines of the national security and humanitarian crisis,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said on Twitter. The administration has also talked about declaring a national emergency to allow Trump to move forward on the wall without Congress approving the US$5.6 billion he wants. Hundreds of thousands of federal workers face missed paychecks on Friday as the shutdown drags through a third week.