World News Quick Take


Fri, Dec 28, 2018 - Page 7


Canadian faces drug charges

A Canadian is to appear before the Liaoning People’s High Court tomorrow on drug charges, a government-run news portal said. The court identified the man as Robert Lloyd Schellenberg. In a brief statement published on Wednesday, the court said he is appealing a drug smuggling case at 2pm, but gave no further details. The news portal,, said that Schellenberg is Canadian and had smuggled an “enormous amount” of drugs. China still has the death penalty for drug trafficking. Another Canadian, a woman named Sarah McIver, is also being held pending deportation for working illegally.


Consulate attacker killed

A separatist leader who authorities blamed for masterminding last month’s attack on China’s consulate in Karachi has been killed in Afghanistan, officials and Baluch Liberation Army spokesman Jeeyand Baloch said on Wednesday. The spokesman said that their top leader, Aslam Baloch, and five of his associates were “martyred” in a blast. An Afghan official said that six people were killed when a suicide bomber attacked a house on Tuesday in Kandahar.


Two drown in golf accident

The bodies of two South Koreans who drowned while golfing have been found, police said yesterday, after their wives’ cart collided with their own, knocking them into a river. The group were on a ferry preparing to cross a river that runs through the course when the men in one cart were accidentally rammed by their wives in another. The impact threw them all into the river, district police Lieutenant Colonel Suwat Suawatmontri said. The women were rescued by nearby fishers. More than 50 rescue workers were involved in the search for Sung Jun-yong, 68, and Ha Jae-oong, 76. One body was found last night about 2km from the accident site, while the other was discovered by villagers yesterday morning “floating near a temple,” Suwat said.


Blast hurts two by church

A police officer and a church caretaker were injured in an explosion as they investigated a suspicious package outside a church in Athens early yesterday. The blast occurred at about 7am outside Agios Dionysios in the upscale Kolonaki area of the capital, ahead of a service to mark St Stephen’s Day, police said. Neither of the men had injuries that were life-threatening, police and church officials said. Father Symeon Voliotis told Hellenic Broadcasting Corp that the caretaker found the explosive device at the front entrance of the church, moved it and alerted police.


Boy calls police over gifts

A young boy enraged by his paltry selection of Christmas presents called the police, who sent officers to his home to investigate on Tuesday. Having dialed the emergency hotline, the child told police that he had not received any of the gifts he had requested for Christmas. “The officers arrived and found a very angry little boy,” a Zetel police spokesman said, according to the Nordwest Zeitung. Since they had a quiet shift, the police decided to play along and launched an investigation. They first examined the initial list that the child had composed, then compared it with each of the gifts offered to him and held a family mediation session. Police were able to resolve the dispute by persuading the boy that Santa Claus must have confused his wish list with that of another child.