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Sun, Nov 26, 2017 - Page 5


Thurman hits at Weinstein

Uma Thurman has wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving — everyone except disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein. In a cryptic Instagram post on Thursday, the actress wished her followers a happy Thanksgiving, but added: “Except you Harvey, and all your wicked conspirators.” She said she was “glad it’s going slowly — you don’t deserve a bullet.” Dozens of actresses have alleged that Weinstein sexually harassed or assaulted them, including Rose McGowan and Asia Argento. However, Thurman has said she is waiting to speak when she is less angry. She played in the Weinstein-produced movies Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction.


Two mayors killed in a week

A municipal mayor in the violent eastern state of Veracruz was killed on Friday, local authorities said, just four days after a mayor-elect was murdered in the same state. Ixhuatlan de Madero Mayor Victor Manuel Espinoza, whose city is located about 270km northeast of Mexico City “was killed with four others, including his wife” in the attack, the state prosecutor’s office said in a statement. Authorities did not provide details concerning a possible motive for the attack, which occurred on Friday night on a dirt road in a neighboring municipality near the state capital of Xalapa.


N Korean washes ashore

The coast guard on Saturday found the body of a man and parts of a wooden boat suspected to be from North Korea on the coast of one of Japan’s outlying islands, an official said. The coast guard made the discovery at about 6:30am on Sado island, a coast guard official said, declining to give his name. The guard also found a pack of cigarettes with Korean writing on it and other personal belongings with Korean written on them near the body, the official said. The cause of death is still unknown, the official said.


Istanbul bans LGBT event

A district governorship in Istanbul on Friday banned a film screening event related to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues, the day before it was due to start, citing risks to public safety. “The LGBT+ themed meeting, march, film screening and interview events that will take place on Nov. 25 in Beyoglu district will not be allowed in order to secure public order and safety, to protect the rights and freedom of other people and to prevent crime,” the Beyoglu Governor’s Office said. It said in a statement that applications for the events had not been submitted. Following the announcement, a statement from the venue where the film and interviews were due to take place said they had been postponed.


Would-be assassin charged

A Texas woman is accused of last year sending homemade bombs to then-US president Barack Obama and Texas Governor Greg Abbott that could have killed or maimed the men, prosecutors said. Julia Poff, 46, mailed the devices in October last year, along with a third package that she sent to the Social Security Administration, according to an indictment. Of the three packages, only Abbott opened his. It did not detonate because “he did not open it as designed,” court documents said. Investigators traced Poff to the package sent to Obama because of cat hair found under an address label, according to a court document from a Nov. 17 detention hearing.