World News Quick Take


Sat, Jan 09, 2016 - Page 7


Marathon reading of Melville

Moby-Dick fans from around the world are getting ready for their own grueling quest — a marathon reading of Herman Melville’s classic. The New Bedford Whaling Museum this weekend is holding its 20th annual nonstop reading of the man versus whale novel. More than 150 volunteers are to recite snippets of the novel aloud in a cover-to-cover reading that starts at midday tomorrow, goes through the night and ends on Sunday about 25 hours later. Hundreds are expected to attend the reading while thousands more follow online. This year’s celebrity reader, who always reads the first section of the book and its famous first line “Call me Ishmael,” is author Nathaniel Philbrick.


Florida executes Oscar Ray

Florida put to death on Thursday a former truck driver who murdered three young women in 1986 and made headlines again after one of his defense team fell in love with him. Convicted serial killer Oscar Ray Bolin, 53, became the first person to be executed in the US this year after receiving a lethal injection at 10:16pm, a local prison administration official said. Bolin was also convicted of kidnapping and rape in another case. His victims were aged 17, 25 and 26.


Titicaca to be cleaned up

Bolivia and Peru on Thursday agreed to provide more than US$500 million toward cleaning up Lake Titicaca, whose polluted waters are home to some animals nearing extinction, a Bolivian environment official said. The deal, which is meant to improve the lake’s biodiversity, includes environmental management and recovery through to 2025. Lake Titicaca, the highest in the world, at an altitude of 3,800m above sea level, provides a habitat for a number of frogs, birds and fish, including two species that are close to extinction. Minister for the Environment and Water Alexandra Moreira and Peruvian Minister of State for the Environment Manuel Pulgar signed the agreement during a public event. “For the short term we have a limit of US$117 million and for the long term US$400 million,” Moreira’s advisor Sergio Arispe said. “It’s a logistical matter we are trying to manage through 2025,” he said. Part of the waste in the lake is generated by the Bolivian city of El Alto, near La Paz, which is home to about 800,000 people.


‘White City’ search begins

Honduras on Thursday said it was starting a major archeological dig for a mysterious, ancient “White City” supposedly hidden in jungle in its northeast that explorers and legends have spoken of for centuries. “Today a group of archeologists and scientists is traveling to the White City to start excavations in coming days,” President Juan Orlando Hernandez said in a speech. The hope is that they might uncover incontrovertible proof of the existence of the fabled site, which has also been called “the City of the Monkey God” and, in Spanish, la Ciudad Blanca. According to 16th-century Spanish conquistadors and to legend, the settlement, dating back thousands of years, is meant to be filled with fabulous riches. Explorers over the past century have claimed several times to have spotted the White City in the thick jungle inside the Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve on Honduras’ Caribbean coast. Archeologists in recent decades found what looked like ancient mounds. Then in 2012 an American documentary team using mapping technology in a small plane discovered what appeared to be the overgrown remains of an ancient civilization.