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Tue, Nov 10, 2015 - Page 7


Six detained over murder

Police have detained six people in connection with the killing of the father and brother of movie director Alejandro Monteverde. Federal police chief Francisco Galindo on Sunday said that the arrests were made on Saturday during an operation in the south of Tamaulipas state. He said the suspects were holding six Central American migrants hostage at the time of their arrest and their gang has been linked to 20 cases of kidnapping or homicide. The bodies of Juan Manuel Gomez Fernandez and Juan Manuel Gomez Monteverde — the father and brother of the movie director — were found on Sept. 19 in Pueblo Viejo in northern Veracruz. The men had been reported missing on Sept. 4.


Catalonia votes on road map

The regional parliament of northeastern Catalonia is due to vote on a proposal by secessionist parties that hold a majority in the chamber to set up a road map for independence by 2017. The initiative defies the central government, which considers it unconstitutional. A debate preceding the vote was held yesterday. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s government has pledged to take legal action against the Barcelona-based parliament if it approves the proposal. Although Catalan branches of the ruling conservative Popular Party and the Socialist and the Citizens opposition parties filed appeals to halt the vote, the Constitutional Court ruled on Thursday that it could go ahead.


Tea company fined over ad

A state-owned tea production company has been fined over a TV commercial deemed insulting of ayran, the nation’s yoghurt-based “national drink” as claimed by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. In the commercial for “Didi,” a popular iced tea product made by state-owned Caykur, rap star Ceza sings: “I’ve tried ayran, it makes me sleepy.” The trade ministry ordered Caykur to pay 220,000 Turkish liras (US$75,000) for “insulting ayran without a reason and giving consumers a wrong message aimed at decreasing the consumption of ayran.” The company was also ordered to stop airing the ad, which the ministry said constituted “unfair competition against companies that sell ayran,” Hurriyet newspaper reported on Sunday. Erdogan, who does not smoke or drink, has urged people to imbibe the frothy, salted beverage and declared it in 2013 the “national drink” rather than raki, a strong aniseed-flavored liquor.


US denies airspace violation

The government on Sunday said that a US Coast Guard intelligence plane violated its airspace, an allegation promptly denied by the US military branch. The Dash 8 plane took off on Friday from the Hato Rey base on Curacao and entered local airspace close to the western Los Monjes archipelago on the Caribbean coast, Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino said in a televised address. “The most serious part is that this aircraft violated airspace, our airspace,” he said. The US Coast Guard rejected the claim. “As far as we know, there was no US Coast Guard that was flying through Venezuelan airspace,” spokesman Chief Warrant Officer Chad Saylor said. “If there is an aircraft, it’s not ours.” He said there were no US Coast Guard planes in the area. Padrino said that no US authorities “reported that presence” to the control tower at Simon Bolivar International Airport, “as required by international aviation law.”