Top Nusra Front leader dead, Syrian media say

UNCLEAR::The al-Qaeda-linked Abu Humam al-Shami was reportedly killed in a blast along with a number of other leaders, although details about the attack were sketchy

Reuters, BEIRUT

Sat, Mar 07, 2015 - Page 6

The Syrian army carried out an operation that killed the military commander of the al-Qaeda-linked Nusra Front on Thursday in northwestern Syria, Syrian state media reported.

Abu Humam al-Shami was killed by an explosion during a meeting of Nusra Front leaders in Idlib Province.

Insurgent sources said at least three other Nusra Front commanders were killed in the blast.

The Syrian state news agency SANA, quoting its correspondent, said al-Shami and a number of other Nusra leaders had been killed in an army operation targeting the meeting held in the village of Hobait in a rural area of Idlib.

Insurgent sources said that the targeted meeting had been held in Salqin, about 100km to the north of Hobait.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an organization that tracks the war, said there was conflicting information on where al-Shami had been killed.

SANA also cited a military source saying the army had carried out “concentrated strikes” against Nusra and other Islamist groups in the Abu al-Dhuhur area, which lies to the northeast of Hobait.

Insurgent sources initially said that the US-led alliance had killed al-Shami in an air strike.

However, a coalition spokesman said it had not conducted air strikes in the province during the past 24 hours.

The Nusra Front has expanded its hold over Idlib province in recent months, seizing territory from mainstream Syrian rebel groups that have received Western backing.

Leaders of the Nusra Front are considering cutting their links with al-Qaeda to form a new entity backed by some Gulf states trying to topple Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, sources have said.