Bank boss gives employees lesson as brothel owner

AFP, THE HAGUE, Netherlands

Sun, Jan 19, 2014 - Page 6

The boss of nationalized Dutch bank ABN Amro dressed up in drag as a brothel owner for his annual speech to employees, calling for them to apply his “values.”

Former Dutch minister of finance Gerrit Zalm dressed up as his “sister,” Priscilla, in a blue silk evening dress, brown wig, glasses and golden gloves for the bank’s annual cabaret earlier this month.

“You have to start with three core values: trust, expertise and ambition,” Priscilla told an audience of about 7,000 ABN Amro employees, explaining the parallels between the banking and prostitution businesses.

“We offer a warm welcome, we are experienced and, most of all, we always satisfy the customer,” she said.

You must have a good “front office,” Zalm said, showing off his ample bosom, “and I’m also told that I have a magnificent back office!”

“You must take young talent and train them. And women must also be able to reach the highest positions. In our business, the woman is indeed very often on top,” Priscilla told the audience of laughing bankers.

The bank will not be providing a translation of Zalm’s speech because it is “very Dutch humor in the tradition of Dutch cabaret,” an ABN Amro spokesman said.

The bank posted a video of the speech on its YouTube channel.

“Treat customers honestly, manage risks responsibly, be transparent, don’t let bonuses be too big and most of all, the customer is key,” Priscilla said.

“We’ve been doing it for centuries, you can do it too!” she said to thundering applause.