‘It’ clown delights, terrifies locals in north England town


Sun, Sep 22, 2013 - Page 7

A mysterious clown dressed like the malevolent character from the Stephen King novel It has been scaring residents in Northampton, England.

The “Northampton Clown,” whose identity remains unknown, on Friday said that his bizarre behavior, such as posting pictures of himself around the town, was “harmless fun.”

The clown, who wears a white mask with red hair like Pennywise in King’s 1986 book and holds balloons, has attracted a following of 147,000 people on Facebook.

“Yes, there has been a character that has been popping up in different locations in Northampton with a face mask and dressed as a clown,” Northampton Mayor Les Marriott said. “Personally, I have not received any complaints at all. The local press has taken it as quite light-hearted.”

The clown confirmed that he was just clowning around.

“Naturally, some people would have been extremely frightened by what they saw, but I hope many are starting to see it as a bit of harmless fun,” he told local newspaper the Northampton Chronicle & Echo.

The clown admitted that he had based his character on the clown in It, which is about seven children in a US town who battle a murderous force that often takes the form of a clown.