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Sun, Sep 01, 2013 - Page 7


Woman kills, cooks husband

A woman in eastern China murdered her husband and boiled the corpse to cover her tracks after he abused her and her daughter, a report said yesterday. The woman drugged the man, her second husband, and tortured him for three days in June by withholding food and water and beating him, causing his death, said a report on government-backed news portal Anhui News. She then dismembered the corpse with a saw and boiled the parts in a pressure cooker to hide the evidence, the report said. It did not detail how she disposed of the cooked flesh afterwards. The psychological burden of the crime proved too much for her to bear, causing her to turn herself into police, the report said.


Activists nab school supplies

A Robin Hood-style band of left-wing activists openly stole cart-loads of school supplies from a supermarket on Friday, promising to distribute them to needy children. After alerting media, more than 200 members of the Sindicato Andaluz de Trabajadores (Andalusian Union of Workers) emerged from a Carrefour supermarket in Seville pushing about 10 shopping carts brimming with exercise books, pens, felt-tips and dictionaries. They loaded the back-to-school supplies into vans and left. Spain’s Interior Ministry vowed to identify and detain members of the union who “robbed” the supermarket so as to bring them to justice. “The Interior Ministry will act severely and firmly in this matter,” a ministry spokesman said. The “expropriated” school materials this time would be given to needy families in the next few days, the union said in a statement.


Commission boss gets head

A human head and two hands have been sent to the nation’s police commission chief, viewed as a grim warning against his efforts to reform the force, officers said on Friday. A box containing the body parts was left outside the headquarters of the National Police Service Commission in Nairobi on Thursday, city police chief Benson Kibui said. Included was a threat for the chief of the largely civilian police oversight body, Johnston Kavuludi, who was appointed last year and is trying to push through reforms. “Kavuludi, you are next,” a note with the head read. Comprehensive police reforms were introduced in 2011 aimed at stopping violations committed by police during post-election violence in 2007 and 2008, but implementation has been blocked. The reforms transfer some powers from the police chief to the commission, including responsibility for recruitment and discipline of police officers.


First papal ‘selfie’ goes viral

Pope Francis has broken protocol once again, appearing with a puzzled look on his face in a “selfie” photo taken with a group of teenagers visiting the Vatican. The picture appeared on the Facebook page of one of the youngsters, who used it as his profile picture, and was going viral on social media yesterday. The picture comes in the same week that the Oxford English Dictionary included the word “selfie” to denote a self-taken photograph on a smartphone. The young believers were part of a church group from northern Italy who met with the pope on Wednesday and were seen going up to him afterwards to take their photo. “There is no marketing behind these actions. The pope clearly likes being with people while his predecessor liked being with books,” said Beppe Severgnini, columnist for the Corriere della Sera daily.


Officials deny refugee deal

The country has denied it has struck a deal with Israel to take in tens of thousands of African refugees, foreign ministry officials said yesterday. Israel’s Haaretz newspaper reported on Friday that Israel would finance the migrants’ flights to the country and their resettlement there, with each refugee apparently receiving US$1,500. However, Ugandan Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Elly Kamahungye denied the deal. “It’s not true, it is unfounded, false and misleading that we have such an agreement,” Kamahungye said. Haaretz had quoted Israeli Minister of the Interior Gideon Saar as telling a parliamentary committee this week that a senior Israeli official had obtained Kampala’s assent to the deal. Israeli immigration authorities say there are about 55,000 illegal African migrants in the country. Many came by foot through Egypt and slipping through the formerly porous border into Israel, which is now being sealed by a sophisticated system of walls and electronic fences.


Suspect survives 64m fall

A bank robbery suspect trying to elude police searching for him in an apartment building jumped into a garbage chute and survived a 64m fall into trash in the basement, police said on Friday. Robin Gutheridge, 26, plunged from the 21st floor of the Clinton Plaza Apartments in Syracuse, New York, a few blocks from the Chase Bank Branch he had robbed earlier, Sergeant Tom Connellan said. He was conscious and told police he had climbed into the garbage chute to avoid being captured. Firefighters moved the compactor and removed Gutheridge from the chute, police said.


Foie gras ban upheld

California can continue to ban the sale of foie gras, a federal appeals court ruled on Friday, in a setback for producers of the delicacy who have sought to ship it to the state. Foie gras means “fatty liver” in French. Prized for its rich flavor and smooth texture, the delicacy is produced by force-feeding corn to ducks and geese to enlarge their livers, which are harvested to make gourmet dishes. Animal rights groups contend that the force-feeding process is painful, gruesome and inhumane. Los Angeles-based Hot’s Restaurant Group, Canada’s Association des Eleveurs de Canards et d’Oies du Quebec and New York producer Hudson Valley Foie Gras challenged the ban in a lawsuit filed last year. They argued the state’s law banning the sale of foie gras is vague because it lacks specifics on how much food a bird can be fed. However, Judge Harry Pregerson in the appeals court’s 27-page opinion dismissed that argument.


President rebukes Assange

President Rafael Correa on Friday chastised WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange for making fun of Australian politicians in a video shot at his place of refuge in the country’s London embassy. “We have sent him a letter: He can campaign politically, but without making fun of Australian politicians. We are not going to allow that,” Correa said here on the sidelines of a South American summit. Correa was referring to a video featuring Assange in a comedy wig singing and sending up Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, his predecessor Julia Gillard and Australian Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott in the run-up to Australia’s Sept. 7 elections. The video has been watched 465,942 times since it was downloaded on Monday.