Japanese woman puts brother out with trash


Thu, Apr 04, 2013 - Page 6

A Japanese woman who together with her sister lived with her brother’s mummified body for years tried to dispose of his corpse along with the household rubbish once she finally realized he was dead, police said yesterday.

The woman, 49, said she discovered the desiccated corpse of Masao Tadano while she and her sister tried to move house in November, a police officer said.

It was not known how many years Tadano, who would have been 48 at the time, had been dead, but it was long enough for his body to have become skeletonized, the officer said.

Tadano used to live with his two sisters in an old house in northern Hokkaido, but confined himself to his room and had not communicated with his family or anybody in their community for many years, the Sankei daily reported.

His dismembered body was discovered by demolition workers in a number of plastic bags that had been left with household rubbish when the family moved out, the newspaper and police said.

The woman, whose case was sent straight to prosecutors without her being arrested, told the police that she “did not want to be criticized and thought it would be gotten rid of with the trash,” the Sankei said, quoting an investigator.