Chavez in ‘best moment,’ VP says


Sun, Jan 27, 2013 - Page 7

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s condition has improved and he is now optimistic as he faces more treatment following cancer surgery, his vice president said yesterday.

Venezuelan Vice President Nicolas Maduro said after meeting with Chavez in Cuba that the ailing president is now “in the best moment we’ve seen him in these days of struggle” following his Dec. 11 cancer surgery.

Chavez has not been seen or spoken publicly since before the operation, and his government has said he suffered complications including a severe respiratory infection, but has recently been getting better.

Maduro spoke on state television early yesterday after returning from Havana to Venezuela. He said he was leaving shortly for a summit meeting in Chile and was taking a written message from Chavez.

Maduro said Chavez also sent messages for Venezuelans, including that he said he was “very optimistic in what we’re doing.”

Maduro said that referred to the president’s treatment and that Chavez is “hanging on to Christ and to life.”

The vice president, whom Chavez designated as his successor before the operation, spoke on TV surrounded by officials, including Venezuelan Minister of Defense Diego Molero and Venezuelan Minister of Information Ernesto Villegas.

Maduro said that Villegas would give a more detailed update on Chavez’s health later yesterday.

Chavez has undergone repeated surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation treatment for an unspecified type of pelvic cancer. He has undergone much of his treatment in Cuba. The 58-year-old president won re-election in October last year, and lawmakers indefinitely put off his inauguration earlier this month in a decision that was condemned by opponents, but upheld by the Supreme Court.

Maduro said that Chavez sent several messages for his supporters in Venezuela, including urging them to be alert about opponents seeking to do harm. He did not elaborate.

The vice president said that Chavez had reviewed reports about various matters and had made decisions. He also said that Chavez had signed documents, and the vice president showed the signature in red ink.