New Zealand's women big sexual risk-takers: survey


Wed, Nov 09, 2005 - Page 5

New Zealand women are among the world's biggest sexual risk-takers with two-thirds of them admitting to having unprotected sex with a stranger, according to the Durex global sex survey published yesterday.

The global average for women confessing to have had unsafe sex was 45 percent, according to the survey by the condom manufacturer.


As far as both sexes are concerned, 65 percent of New Zealanders admitted having unprotected sex with someone whose sexual history was unknown to them, well up on the global average of 47 percent.

This ranked New Zealand fourth in the "Let's do it and to hell with the consequences" stakes, behind Norway (73 percent), Greece (70 percent) and Sweden (66 percent).

The lowest risk-takers were in India, where 21 percent confessed to having unprotected sex with someone they did not know.

Globally, New Zealanders rank third for the highest number of sexual partners at 13.2, behind Turkey (14.5) and Australia (13.3).

One-night stands

The survey indicated New Zealand women were more sexually active than men with 18 percent claiming to have slept with 11 to 20 different people against 15 percent of males. More than two-thirds of New Zealand women also confessed to faking an orgasm.

A total of 64 percent of New Zealanders admitted having one-night stands, second only to the 70 percent of Norwegians who said good-bye to a new lover in the morning.

The average New Zealander has sex 114 times a year, ahead of the global average of 103.

Durex New Zealand manager Victoria Potter said more than 317,000 people from 41 countries took part in this year's survey, thought to be the world's largest study into sexual attitudes and behavior.