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Trash to go back to Australia

The Ministry of Environment and Forestry yesterday said the government would send more than 210 tonnes of garbage back to Australia, after authorities found hazardous material and household trash, including plastic bottles and packaging, used diapers, electronic waste and cans in eight containers seized in Surabaya. The Directorate General of Customs and Excise of East Java said the containers should have contained only waste paper.


Ex-UN official jailed

Former UN official Peter Dalglish has been jailed for sexually abusing children, officials said yesterday. The 62-year-old Canadian was on Monday sentenced to two terms of nine and six years in two cases after being convicted last month. A district court official said Dalglish was sentenced for nine years for abusing a 12-year-old boy and seven years jail for molesting a 14-year-old. He was also ordered to pay 500,000 Nepal rupees (US$4,550) compensation of to each victim.


Dam is ‘safe’ despite shift

The Three Gorges Dam is structurally sound, officials said yesterday, denying rumors on social media it was at risk of collapse. Safety experts with the government-run China Three Gorges Corp said the dam had moved a few millimeters due to temperature and water level changes, but safety indicators remained well within their normal range. Satellite imagery from Google Maps reportedly showed the dam has bent and is at risk of breaking, but the government said the problem was with the satellite imaging, not the dam, the Caixin financial news service reported yesterday.


Manga site manager nabbed

A man who ran an illegal online manga comic library read by around 100 million people each month has been arrested in Manila, authorities said yesterday. Romi Hoshino, 28, managed “Manga Mura” (Manga village), which shut down on its own in April last year as Japan launched a hunt for the Web site’s founder for massive violation of copyright. The Web site made around 60,000 manga available to the public for free immediately after publication. Manga publishers lost about US$2.94 billion in potential revenues over a six-month period to February last year alone, Japan’s Content Overseas Distribution Association said. Hoshino, who holds a Japanese passport, was arrested on Sunday at Ninoy Aquino International Airport after the Japanese embassy in Manila sought help in finding him, Bureau of Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente said.


Rush for tax rebates

Nearly 1 million people have lodged their tax statements in little more than a week as they rush to receive rebates that the Reserve Bank of Australia hopes will kick-start the economy. Lawmakers last week approved A$158 billion (US$109.95 billion) worth of tax cuts over the next decade, including a A$1,080 rebate to low and middle-income earners. Despite having four months to submit their tax statements, the Australian Tax Office said it has already received about 800,000 since June 30. The office said it will return rebates by the end of the week.


Chinese not to be extradited

The Supreme Court has decided not to extradite a former Chinese official wanted by Beijing on suspicion of having embezzled millions of dollars due to the risk that he would face persecution, it said yesterday. China had asked Sweden to extradite Qiao Jianjun (喬建軍), who also goes under the name of Feng Li (李峰), on suspicion of breach of trust and fraud relating to the embezzlement of the equivalent of about 100 million kronor (US$11 million). Qiao was arrested in June last year. Last month, he was released from custody without a ruling on the Chinese request, then rearrested days later on a separate request from the US, where he has been indicted for money laundering and immigration fraud.

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