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Train crash kills four

A train yesterday plunged into a canal when the bridge it was traveling across gave way, killing four people and injuring about 100. Officials said part of the bridge collapsed as the express train went over, sending five cars crashing to the ground, with one of them landing in the water. Scores of people were trapped in the accident at Kalaura, 300km from Dhaka. Local resident joined fire and police teams in pulling the dead and injured out of the wreckage, police superintendent Rashidul Hasan said. Regional government administrator Tofael Islam said part of the bridge gave way as the train was crossing. Twenty-one of the injured were taken to a hospital in Sylhet, the nearest city, in serious condition. Train services from Dhaka to the northeast were stopped because of the accident.


Woman left alone on plane

A woman boarded an Air Canada flight earlier this month, fell asleep after takeoff and woke up alone in a dark, parked plane, apparently forgotten by ground staff. Tiffani Adams’ story was posted by a friend on Air Canada’s Facebook page, drawing incredulous reactions from readers and a request for details from the airline. According to the post, Adams was flying from Quebec to Toronto Pearson International Airport when she fell asleep. She woke up in “pitch black,” with the plane having landed and apparently been towed away from the airport, after passengers and crew had disembarked. “I think I’m having a bad dream [because] like seriously how is this happening,” she wrote. She briefly called a friend, but was cut short when her phone’s battery died. After finally finding a torch in the cockpit, she used it to draw the attention of a luggage cart driver, who arrived to find Adams with her legs hanging out of the plane’s open doorway. Air Canada told broadcaster CTV News that it was reviewing the episode, but declined to offer further details.


New port plans for US troops

The government is planning to build a new deep-water port on its northern coast able to accommodate US Marine deployments as part of efforts to counter China’s growing presence in the region, Australian Broadcasting Corp (ABC) reported yesterday. The national broadcaster quoted multiple defence and government officials as saying the facility would be about 40km Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory, which controversially leased its own port to a Chinese operator in 2015. The Darwin port already includes military facilities and hosts visiting US ships, but the ABC said the new port would offer large amphibious warships a more discreet and less busy base of operations. US Marine units of more than 2,000 troops regularly rotate through Darwin as part of the close military cooperation between the two allies.


Taliban to target reporters

The Taliban yesterday issued a threat, saying journalists would be targeted unless news outlets stop broadcasting what they describe as government propaganda against the insurgents. The statement gives Afghan radio stations, TV channels and others a week to cease transmitting anti-Taliban announcements paid for by the government. The Taliban said that media that refuse to do this would be considered enemy intelligence nests, and their journalists and other staffers would not be safe. The government pays media outlets to regularly air pleas to the public to inform authorities if they see any suspicious Taliban activities.

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