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Group locates N Korea execution sites

LOOKING FORWARD:The human rights group said the data would be key if there is a political transition that allows for the identification of victims and probes into abuses


However, North Korea’s human rights issues have so far been sidelined in the summitry between Kim, US President Donald Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

Almost all of the state killings documented in the report were public executions by firing squad, the report said, adding that public executions are almost always preceded by brief “trials” on the spot where charges are announced and sentences are issued without legal counsel for the accused.

Criminal charges for executions commonly cited by interviewees included violent crimes such as murder, rape and assault, but also property crimes like stealing copper or cows and brokering defections.

With a lack of due process in the North’s judicial system, it was unclear whether the charges announced at the executions would actually match the act of the accused, the report said.

The rights group said that the information it gathered would be crucial if a political transition in North Korea allows for the identification of victims, the return of remains to families and investigations into human rights abuses committed by the government.

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