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FEATURE: Pakistani popcorn seller builds his own plane

AFP, TABUR, Pakistan

Reporters have been unable to verify the claim.

However, the attempt made Fayyaz bold enough to want to try again in front of the rest of his village, many of whom had mocked his efforts. He picked March 23, Pakistan Day, for the unveiling.

Police said that hundreds of people crowded around his tiny plane, many clutching national flags.

However, before Fayyaz could even start the engine, the police arrived and arrested him, confiscating his plane.

“I felt as though I had committed one of the worst acts in the world, as though I am the worst person in Pakistan,” he said, adding: “I had been locked up with criminals.”

The court released him with a 3,000 rupee fine.

When AFP visited the local police station, officers said they had arrested Fayyaz, as his plane was a safety threat.

Officer Zafar Iqbal said: “The plane was returned to him as a goodwill gesture. Should he obtain a flying license or permit, he is free to fly.”

Fayyaz’s misfortune resulted in social media fame, and he was called a “hero” and an “inspiration” by some netizens.

Representatives from the Pakistan Air Force have made two visits to view the plane and the commander of a nearby base issued him a certificate that praises his “passion and dexterity” in building what it described as a “mini basic airplane.”

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