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Police scuffle with migrants

Police briefly scuffled with some of the 1,600 Central American migrants who are confined to an improvised shelter in the border town of Piedras Negras. Video of Wednesday’s incident shows some migrants apparently tearing down a temporary awning and trying to wrestle metal barricades away from police. The government of the border state of Coahuila said that the migrants were angry about not being allowed out to go to a local store. About 30 were later permitted to go, it said. Some of the migrants have asked to be taken to other cities in northern Mexico, presumably thinking that they would have more freedom of movement, the state government added. There is a heavy police and military guard around the improvised shelter at an old factory complex.


Migrant shelter to be built

The government is to build a migrant shelter on the southern border with Colombia, after another wave of migrants crossed into the country, it said. About 716 migrants, mostly Cubans, entered Panama over the weekend through the jungle province of Darien. The latest group also included migrants from Haiti and Africa, National Migration Service Director-General Javier Carrillo said, adding that the migrants wanted to travel to the US. Authorities on Thursday said that the new US$9 million shelter would be able to handle about 400 migrants. The government previously planned to build a shelter, but the idea was put on hold. In 2016, thousands of Cubans were stranded in Panama and Costa Rica after Nicaragua refused to let them through.


Butterfly center loses suit

A judge on Thursday ruled against a butterfly sanctuary that had sued to keep President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall from cutting the refuge in two. For months, the National Butterfly Center has been arguing that the wall would be devastating for those insects and other creatures living in this habitat in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. As many as 200 species of butterfly live in the sanctuary, as do bobcats, coyotes, skunk pigs, armadillos and Texas turtles. Financing for a wall going through the sanctuary was approved last year and is separate from the border appropriation fight that is roiling Washington. Construction could begin in a matter of weeks, local residents said. The North American Butterfly Association, which runs the refuge, sued the government on grounds that the sanctuary is private property. However, Senior US District Judge Richard Leon ruled that the project can proceed. “On the same day the president announces he will declare a state of emergency, the federal judge throws out our case. We are not going away that easily,” the butterfly center said in a tweet.


Runner details cougar fight

A Colorado runner who survived a mountain lion attack said that he wrestled the young animal to the ground and jammed his foot onto its neck to suffocate it to death. The cougar locked its jaws on his wrist and was clawing his face and arms during the Feb. 4 attack in the mountains west of Fort Collins, Travis Kauffman said. His remarks came in a video interview with state wildlife officials released on Thursday. He said that he heard a rustling noise behind him, turned and saw the cat 3m away. The cat lunged and began biting and clawing him. He said they fell to the ground, and he tried to hit the cat with a rock and stab it with twigs before getting his foot onto its neck.

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