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USB returned minus seal poo

The owner of a USB stick that was found in the frozen feces of a rare leopard seal in New Zealand has been tracked down and revealed to be a seal enthusiast who had helped collect the sample 12 months earlier. Last week, the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) put out a call for the owner of a functional USB stick that they had recovered from the scat of a leopard seal. That person was Amanda Nally, the only sea lion volunteer on the south coast, who spotted the announcement on the news. “NIWA are convinced that a bird ate my USB stick and the leopard seal then ate the bird, because he had a lot of feathers in the scat. And then, bizarrely, I came along and said: ‘Oh there’s a sample — we should send to NIWA,’” Nally said. A NIWA spokesperson confirmed the theory.


Uighurs’ kin seek video proof

Ethnic Uighurs have launched a global campaign to press authorities for video proof that their missing relatives are alive, turning the tables on Beijing’s use of video to counter claims that a renowned Uighur had died in custody. The social media campaign was launched on Tuesday under #MeTooUyghur after the government released a video showing a man who identified himself as Uighur poet and musician Abdurehim Heyit, and saying he was alive and well. The video was made public after Turkey claimed that Heyit had died in a prison in a statement in which Ankara condemned the country for herding vast numbers of Muslim minority Uighurs into “re-education” camps in the remote Xinjiang region. “Chinese authorities showed video as proof Mr Heyit is still alive. Now, we want to know, where are millions of Uyghurs?” said advocate Murat Harri Uyghur, who created the hashtag.


Convicts escape prison

All 78 detainees at the prison in Aquin, a city of about 100,000 on the south coast of the country’s Tiburon Peninsula, escaped at about noon on Tuesday, a national police spokesman said. The exact circumstances of the prison break are unclear, but witnesses said it took place during a demonstration against President Jovenel Moise in front of the police station adjoining the penitentiary.


Penguins mark Valentine’s

In what has become an annual Valentine’s Day tradition, biologists on Tuesday handed out red felt hearts to African penguins at the California Academy of Sciences. The birds grabbed the hearts in their beaks and waddled around their rocky enclosure toward their nests. It is often the male penguin who retrieves the heart and carries it back to his mate, spokeswoman Kelly Mendez said. The penguins use the felt for material in their nests, which helps reinforce the couples’ bond.


Snow hits Hawaiian peak

There is snow in Hawaii, on the highest peak of the island of Maui, but visitors have to enjoy it from down below as the summit area of Haleakala National Park is closed because of “extreme winter conditions.” Snow, ice, fallen trees and rocks are making the area dangerous, park officials said on Tuesday, adding that people are encouraged to view the snowcapped mountain from afar. Snowfall lower down at a Maui park caused a traffic jam over the weekend from people wanting to see the unusual weather.

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