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Asparagine spreads cancer

Breast cancer patients could be encouraged to cut asparagus and other foods from their diets to reduce the risk of the disease spreading, scientists say. Researchers are investigating whether a change in diet could help patients with breast tumors after studies in mice showed that asparagine, a compound first identified in asparagus, but present in many other foods, drives the spread of the disease to other organs. When scientists reduced asparagine in animals with breast cancer, they found that the number of secondary tumors in other tissues fell dramatically. The spread of malignant cells is the main cause of death among patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer.


Eight killed in cave-in

Eight people died and three were missing in Foshan after a water leak inside a subway station construction site caused a major road to cave in, authorities said yesterday. The sudden leak flooded the underground site and led to a road’s collapse on Wednesday night, the city government said in a statement. “A total of nine construction workers were rescued, and ... rescue and rehabilitation work is still underway,” the statement said. The collapsed area is as large as two basketball courts, the China Daily reported.


Tiger cub found in mail

Inspectors have found tigers in all sorts of situations — on leashes, in yards and wandering the streets, but the office for environmental protection announced a new twist on Wednesday: Someone tried to express-mail a tiger cub. The cub was sedated and packed into a plastic container. Nobody realized it was there until a sniffer dog looking for contraband detected it. The cub was mailed in the western state of Jalisco to an address in the central state of Queretaro. It was dehydrated, but otherwise well, and was handed over to an animal management center.


‘Starman’ to overshoot Mars

Elon Musk’s Tesla sports car and its dummy test pilot “Starman” were on a new course hurtling toward an asteroid belt on Wednesday after overshooting their planned trajectory. Just hours after Tuesday’s spectacular launch from Florida of the Falcon Heavy, the world’s most powerful rocket, the billionaire founder of SpaceX said Starman had been a little heavy on the gas and would travel well beyond the intended target of Mars. Originally, the Tesla Roadster had been intended to reach a heliocentric orbit roughly the same distance from the sun as Mars and orbit for 1 billion years. On its new trajectory, it is to take a months-long cruise through deep space before taking its chances in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.


Dominatrix cop fired

A New Jersey sheriff’s officer has lost her job because she previously appeared in bondage films as a dominatrix. Hudson County Sheriff Frank Schillari told the Jersey Journal a hearing officer made the decision to fire Kristen Hyman on Wednesday and that he agreed with the decision. The department suspended her six days before her academy graduation last year, saying she failed to disclose that she appeared in the movies and sometimes saw clients privately for money. Hyman told investigators she never appeared naked and did not perform sex acts in the videos. A judge rescinded the suspension and Hyman was sworn in on June 8. She then went on paid administrative leave pending the hearing.

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