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A$6m reward for serial killer

Police yesterday offered a record A$6 million (US$4.7 million) in rewards to catch the serial killer or killers behind the murders of six Melbourne women in the 1980s. The women, ranging in age from 14 to 73, disappeared in separate incidents as they traveled on foot around Melbourne over an 18-month period from 1980 to 1981. Their remains were found in scrubland in several locations on the outskirts of the city. Victoria state police announced six rewards of A$1 million each for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever was behind the murders. The A$6 million was the largest reward amount ever offered by the department, it said.


Myanmar ‘guarding peace’

A Communist Party official yesterday said that China supports Myanmar in “safeguarding peace and stability” and will not join other nations in condemning it for what many consider a campaign of ethnic cleansing against Rohingya Muslims. Party International Department Vice Minister Guo Yezhou (郭業洲) told reporters that Beijing condemned “violent and terror acts,” in an apparent reference to attacks by Rohingya rebels on Myanmar security forces. Beijing has long had close ties to Myanmar’s military leaders who ran the nation for decades, and Guo emphasized “friendly relations” between China’s communists and political parties in Myanmar on China’s southern border. He said those ties are based on the principle of non-interference and that China believes Myanmar’s government and people are “capable of handling” the situation.


Four arrested over Dali

Police have arrested four people who were trying to sell a stolen painting believed to be by Spanish artist Salvador Dali, a police official said. Colonel Joseph Mussallam on Friday said that the four detained are a Lebanese and three Syrians who were trying to sell the 1954 painting known as Portrait of Mrs Reeves to a Lebanese woman living in France for US$5 million. Mussallam said a detained Syrian told authorities he bought the painting from an Iraqi and kept it for 12 years before trying to sell through a Lebanese agent.


Student shoots 2 in school

A 14-year-old student on Friday opened fire inside a classroom in the central city of Goiania, killing two classmates and wounding four, police said. Lieutenant Colonel Marcelo Granja of the Goiania police department said the shooting occurred at Colegio Goyases, an upscale private school. The teen was taken into custody. Granja said that the shooter is the son of a police officer who used his father’s .40 caliber pistol. A student who escaped the shooting unhurt told the G1 news portal that the suspect was bullied and called “stinky” because he never used deodorant. The student said that during a break between lessons, the shooter pulled out the gun from inside his backpack and started shooting at random.


Medical marijuana legalized

Peru has become the latest Latin American nation to allow the medicinal use of marijuana. The conservative congress late on Thursday approved legislation by a 67 to five vote allowing the plant to be produced, imported and sold. Lawmakers praised the move as a way to improve the lives of thousands of patients looking to better their quality of life.

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