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Cross-dressing escape fails

It was the way he awkwardly walked in high heels that gave him away. That, and his suspiciously deep voice. A cross-dressing escape attempt by inmate Francisco Roman Herrera came to naught, penitentiary officials in San Pedro Sula told local media. Herrera, a gaunt 55-year-old man, had on Sunday donned a luxuriant blond wig, dark sunglasses, a black skirt, a black-and-white blouse and stockings to try to walk out of the prison as a visitor. However, although he flashed a woman’s identification card while leaving, the guards at the gate quickly noticed his unfeminine voice and the way he teetered in high-heel shoes, prison spokesman Bayron Sauceda said. He was stopped and his wig was taken off, putting paid to his bid for freedom. Herrera, who is serving a 15-year sentence for rape, was transferred from that prison to a maximum-security facility known as “The Hole,” where he is to be kept along with more than 1,000 members of the nation’s feared gangs.


Students to continue strike

A strike that has shuttered the territory’s largest public university for more than a month is to continue indefinitely in defiance of a court order, students said on Wednesday. Thousands of students approved extending the strike at a mass meeting, in which they also demanded an audit of the territory’s US$73 billion public debt and the resignation of the University of Puerto Rico’s interim president amid looming budget cuts. The students are in part upset that the interim president is supporting a modified version of cuts being forced on the school due to the territory’s economic crisis. A federal control board overseeing the finances of the government has proposed US$450 million in cuts for the school, although Governor Ricardo Rossello has proposed that the cuts be reduced to US$241 million. The previous university president was among several top-level officials who resigned in February to protest the cuts. An appeals court ordered the university to reopen early yesterday following a lawsuit filed by students seeking to resume their studies.


Player incited hatred: judge

A blogger was yesterday convicted of inciting religious hatred for playing Pokemon Go in a church and given a suspended sentence. Ruslan Sokolovsky last year posted a video on his blog showing him playing the smartphone game in a church built on the supposed spot where the last czar and his family were killed. He has been in detention since October last year. Judge Yekaterina Shoponyak yesterday found Sokolovsky guilty of inciting religious hatred and gave him a three-and-a-half-year suspended sentence.


Museum honors chocolate

From cacao beans to truffles, the history of chocolate has been curated inside New York’s first museum dedicated to the treat. Choco-Story New York, created by pastry chef and chocolatier Jacques Torres, opened in March at Torres’ flagship sweets store in Manhattan. “I love to transfer the love that I have for chocolate and the knowledge that I have for chocolates to whoever wants to learn about it,” Torres, known as “Mr Chocolate,” told reporters. The French-born chef demonstrated how to make a chocolate truffle, pouring rich liquid chocolate into molds and filling it with a creamy, soft chocolate ganache. The exhibition includes the early origins of chocolate from the Mayan civilization about 5,000 years ago and the tools used to create chocolate from the fermented cacao bean.

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