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Bush sorry for French quip

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush’s rebooted election campaign included an apology to the French on Tuesday for making a joke about their work ethic. “I made the mistake of saying that the Congress operates on a French workweek,” Bush told reporters in a deadpan voice while campaigning in New Hampshire, according to Time magazine. “I really did a disservice to the French.” During last week’s debate among the Republican candidates, Bush had criticized one of his rivals, Senator Marco Rubio, for missing votes, as well as Congress in general for working a three-day week. “I mean, literally, the Senate — what is it, like a French workweek?” Bush said. His comment drew a rebuke from French Ambassador Gerard Araud and e-mails from French journalists. “So, my God, I totally insulted an entire country — our first ally, that helped us become free as a nation. And I apologize. That did a huge disservice to France,” the former Florida governor said.


Loaded gun left with child

A man has been arrested for leaving his five-year-old granddaughter in the Arizona desert with a loaded gun while he went off to have a hamburger, authorities said on Tuesday. The child’s family reported her missing four hours after Paul Rater, 53, left his home on Sunday night in the town of Buckeye. Authorities launched a search operation and relatives ended up finding the girl in a desert area with a loaded pistol, said a statement from the sheriff’s office in Maricopa County. Rater acknowledged having abandoned the girl so he could go off for drinks and a hamburger. He was jailed on Monday on charges of abusing and abandoning a child.


Man convicted for biting dog

A Florida man has been convicted of biting a small dog on the face and choking him so hard his eye popped out. The Palm Beach Post reported that jurors found 37-year-old David Etzel guilty of animal cruelty on Tuesday. He faces a year or more in jail at his sentencing hearing tomorrow. Etzel’s mother told deputies in April that her 2.03m, 170kg son had been drinking and was teasing her shih tzu named Cujo, prompting the dog to bite him. She said Etzel then bit the dog back. Veterinarians were able to put Cujo’s eye back in, but officials say the animal is permanently blind in that eye. A veterinarian told deputies the injuries were comparable to being hit by a vehicle or attacked by another dog.


Hungry crocs receive feast

About 11,000 crocodiles that had gone unfed for almost a month — because their owners had their assets frozen due to US accusations they laundered money for drug traffickers — were finally fed on Tuesday, officials said. Pablo Dubon of the state Forest Conservation Institute said 10.5 tonnes of chicken had been provided to feed the animals at the Cocodrilos Continental farm, owned by the Rosenthal family in San Manuel, near San Pedro Sula. The crocodile farm was set up to sell meat and skins. Manager Antonio Mejia said another company that had been a supplier to the farm in the past donated another 2,000kg of cow entrails. “That will take care of us — for two to three days,” he said. On Monday it emerged that the crocodiles and seven lions also kept at the farm were dying of hunger, and that staff had not been paid for more than two weeks.

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