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Leaders blame EU over migrant chaos

NOT IN OUR BACKYARD:EU authorities have little say over individual nations’ policymaking, and many are guarding their rights to decide migrant policy jealously

The Guardian, Brussls

A commission spokeswoman said Italian police controls on the border with Austria were not border controls.

The commission is charged with policing the regime governing Schengen, but Germany unilaterally waived the rules regulating how immigrants entering the EU are handled. It did not tell Brussels, nor neighboring governments.

Berlin is winning plaudits everywhere for its exemplary generosity and its open-door policy toward Syrians fleeing war, but Syrians can only get to Germany through other EU nations who were not told about the policy flip-flop. That contributed to the wretched scenes in Hungary and Austria.

Uniquely in Europe, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has seized the moral high ground on Syrian refugees.

However, this is the same leader who, a few years ago, said that “multikulti has absolutely failed.”

She is known to be acutely risk-averse, with a close eye on the polls which have shown her ratings slip over recent weeks. For more than a year the Germans have been complaining bitterly that people entering Italy and Greece were deliberately not being registered by the national authorities, but simply encouraged to board trains and buses for Germany.

Then they shifted and declared unilaterally that Syrians could come anyway.

The commission can propose a panoply of measures aimed at creating more joined-up policies. It did so in May and is to extend the effort this week. However, they are instantly shot down by national police ministries.

As European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans said on Friday “asylum policies in Europe are not aligned.”

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