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Capsized tugboat claims 22

Authorities yesterday confirmed that 22 people died in the capsizing of a tugboat with an international team that was on a test voyage in the nation’s east, after rescuers dragged the overturned vessel to shallow waters and scoured it. Four Singaporeans, an Indian, an Indonesian, a Japanese and a Malaysian were among the dead in the accident on the Yangtze River; the 14 other victims were Chinese, state-run Xinhua news agency said. The newly built, 30m Wanshenzhou 67 was on a test voyage on Thursday in the river’s Fubei Channel in Jiangsu Province when it suddenly turned over. The ship’s owner, parts suppliers and engineers were among the 25 people aboard for the test. An official at a Jiangsu maritime search-and-rescue center who declined to give his name confirmed that 22 people were dead.


Cat aids abandoned infant

A homeless cat has won praise for keeping warm a baby boy who was apparently abandoned in a chilly entryway in the town of Obninsk in the Kaluga region on Saturday last week, a day when temperatures were several degrees centigrade below zero. A local cat by the name of Masha that lived in a cardboard box in the hallway “warmed the baby for several hours with her body,” TV Zvezda channel reported on Thursday. “The residents are certain — if the cat had not taken care of it — the baby would not have had a chance,” TV Zvezda reported. When paramedics arrived and took the baby into the ambulance, Masha ran after them, REN TV reported. Vera Ivanina, a paramedic, told REN TV: “She was so worried about where we were taking the baby. She ran right behind us, meowing. She was really a rational creature.” Police have launched a search for the parents while the healthy boy is being cared for in a hospital.


Rescue effort set to begin

Trucks are on standby to try to rescue more than 1,000 civilians trapped in two villages in the nation’s north, where fierce fighting broke out between the army and rebels. Gam Aung, a resident in Lone Khin, a town near the fighting in Kachin State, said many people, including children, were seeking refuge in Buddhist monasteries and Christian churches yesterday. There are no injuries reported. Ethnic insurgent spokesman Dawng Hka said soldiers have so far blocked efforts to ferry villagers to safety. There was no immediate comment from the government.


‘Doggone’ rug for sale

A rug at a Florida sheriff’s department might have been better suited for an animal shelter. The plush green carpet proudly displayed the crest of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department, emblazoned with its name and a picture of the state of Florida. Unfortunately, it included the words “In Dog We Trust,” rather than “In God We Trust,” the official motto found on US currency and on many government seals. It took workers at the office a few months to notice the typo. Now they are looking to sell the defective floor covering for a good cause. “The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office will not ‘sweep anything under the rug,’” it said in a statement. “Due to extensive inquiries regarding the plans for the ‘doggone’ rug, the Sheriff’s Office has placed the item up for bid and will donate 100 percent of the bid to Canine Estates Incorporated, a local animal rescue,” the sheriff’s department said.

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