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Man dies in oxygen chamber

Authorities have detained a doctor and three other employees at a clinic after a patient was found dead inside a hyperbaric chamber. The State of Mexico’s top prosecutor, Miguel Contreras, said 60-year-old Filemon Consuelo Loria was found inside the oxygen machine at a clinic in Toluca city early on Tuesday after being left inside the chamber overnight. Contreras said the diabetic Consuelo Loria had gone to the clinic on Monday afternoon for a 40-minute session. Investigators have not determined if the clinic workers left Consuelo Loria inside the hyperbaric chamber by mistake or on purpose, he added.


Letter arrives, 45 years late

A 45-year-old letter mysteriously arrived in the mailbox of a Calgary resident on Tuesday, correspondence her younger sister sent decades ago, media reported. Anne Tingle told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp that the missive was mailed by her then-nine-year-old sibling in 1969 and arrived on Tuesday wrapped in plastic and bearing a note from Canada Post apologizing for the envelope’s state, but not the delay. “Dear Customer, We sincerely regret that your mail item is damaged. It was found in this condition in the mail stream,” the note read. The envelope was addressed to “Mr and Mrs R.D. Tingle,” with only a street name and incorrect home number, and was mailed from Lethbridge, Tingle said. Written on the envelope was neither the intended destination, Calgary, nor the province of Alberta where it is situated, but arrived at Tingle’s new home nonetheless. Tingle said she was unsure why the correspondence finally reached her, but that she had forwarded her address when she moved.


One in three abused as kids

Almost one-third of the country’s population experienced physical or sexual abuse at home during childhood, according to a study released on Tuesday that warned of the link between child abuse and mental disorders and suicide. “From a public health standpoint, these findings highlight the urgent need to make prevention of child abuse a priority in Canada,” Tracie Afifi of the University of Manitoba’s psychiatry department said along with her coauthors. The researchers looked over data from 23,395 citizens who participated in a 2012 mental health survey. According to their study, 32 percent of adults have experienced child abuse. Men were more likely to have been abused than women and were mostly victims of physical abuse, while sexual abuse was more common among women. Even the least severe types of physical abuse — being slapped or “spanked with something hard” — were associated with mental disorders, suicidal thoughts or attempts, the study found.


Russia expels top diplomat

A senior diplomat has been expelled from the Canadian embassy in Moscow in retaliation for Ottawa expelling a Russian military attache as tensions over the Ukraine grow. Moscow ordered the removal of the first secretary of immigration at the embassy in response to Ottawa’s expulsion earlier this month, two officials said. The government has imposed sanctions on Russia over what Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said are “aggressive, militaristic and imperialistic” actions against the Ukraine. Russian Ambassador to Canada Georgiy Mamedov accused Ottawa of starting a “sanctions war,” but said such measures do not have much effect, calling the tit-for-tat expulsions “simple stuff, nothing relevant” during a speech on Tuesday.

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