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Hotter planet, worse security woes: IPCC

TEMPERS RISING:The climate-conflict link in the UN agency’s latest report is a radical shift from past studies and warns that Earth’s warming will deepen security problems


The chapter on national security says there is “robust evidence” that “human security will be progressively threatened as [the] climate changes.” It says global warming can destabilize the world by making it harder for people to make a living, increasing mass migrations and making it harder for countries to keep control of their populations.

Migration is key because as refugees flee storms and other climate problems, that adds to security issues, the report and scientists say.

However, other experts emphasize nuances in research.

Social science literature has shown an indirect conflict-climate link that will add to destabilization, but that is not the same as forecasting climate wars, said Neil Adger of the University of Exeter, one of the study’s lead authors, adding that it is not exactly the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

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