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Roma girl sparks tonnes of inquiries

HOPE FOR THE LOST:Most of the inquiries about the girl found at a Roma camp in Greece came from parents whose children went missing years ago, a charity said

The Guardian, ATHENS

A poster of a four-year-old girl known as Maria, who was found living with a couple in a Roma camp in central Greece, is pictured in the office of the “Smile of the Child” charity, which is taking care of her as police search for her biological parents, in an Athens suburb on Saturday.

Photo: Reuters

A Greek charity on Sunday said that it was pursuing at least 10 “promising leads” — many from parents whose children had gone missing — following a worldwide appeal to help identify a blonde, blue-eyed girl found living in a Roma camp in the country.

Less than two days after launching the international campaign, the philanthropic organization Smile of the Child announced that it had been bombarded with more than 10,000 calls and e-mails from around the world.

“Through our hotline we’ve been contacted by thousands of people in the US, Canada, Australia, Scandinavia, South Africa and the UK,” said Panaghiotis Partalis, the charity’s international communications officer. “A lot of e-mails have come through from families whose own children went missing years ago. Based on pictures that we have also received, there are around 10 cases of children who bear a resemblance to the little girl and we are following them up to see if there is any link.”

The girl, who is thought to be about four years old and answers to the name Maria, was discovered on Wednesday last week, when Greek police raided a Roma settlement near Farsala in Larissa, 275km north of Athens, in search of weapons and drugs.

Officers were said to be taken aback when the pale-skinned child appeared in the home of a couple with 13 other offspring who were all dark-skinned. Unable to communicate in Greek, the girl could barely talk. What little she did say was conducted in the Roma dialect.

In a bid to unearth her identity, Partalis said the charity was also looking for specialists, including an anthropologist, who might be able to determine the child’s origins and age.

The charity has also compiled a “profile” of pictures of lookalike children.

“We’ve put together a montage with Maria at the center that we have passed to the police,” he said. “There seems to be a lot of hope in the Swedish press that she is Scandinavian.”

The girl was expected to be released from hospital yesterday, the same day the couple found raising her were due to appear in court on charges of abducting a minor. Police said it was likely they would be imprisoned pending trial.

“The father already has a criminal record,” said one officer in Thessaly, the region where the child was found.

DNA tests have proven conclusively that the little girl is not related to the couple — a 40-year-old woman and 39-year-old man.

Although the suspects have vehemently denied accusations of child smuggling, they have given a range of conflicting stories, telling investigators at first that the girl was found in a blanket at birth, before insisting her biological father was Canadian. Suspicions were further raised when the mother was discovered to have two identities and to have claimed to have given birth to six of her children in the same year.

Costas Giannopoulos, who founded Smile of the Child after the death of his own son, said the discovery of the girl had not only shone a light on child trafficking in Greece, but revealed the parlous state of birth registrations with municipal authorities in the crisis-hit nation.

“There is a huge gap that allows anyone to claim a child as their own,” he said.

Authorities hope that the discovery of the girl will also help crack the mystery of Ben Needham, the boy from northern England who went missing at the age of 21 months on the Aegean island of Kos 22 years ago.

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