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Pilgrims throng Mount Arafat for climax of hajj


Some Muslim pilgrims rest yesterday as others climb Mount Arafat near the city of Mecca, Saudi Arbia, ahead of the hajj main ritual.

Photo: AFP

Pilgrims in their hundreds of thousands thronged Mount Arafat in Saudi Arabia from early yesterday for the climax of the annual hajj pilgrimage, arriving on foot, by train or in vehicles.

Officials said they expected about 1.5 million pilgrims to descend on the site, where later in the day they would perform prayers and listen to the annual sermon from Saudi top cleric Sheikh Abdulaziz al-Sheikh.

Helicopters hovered overhead and thousands of troops stood guard to organize roads flooded by men, women and children streaming towards Mount Arafat.

Chanting Labaik Allahum Labaik (I am responding to your call, God), many of them camped in small colorful tents and took shelter under trees to escape temperatures of about 40?C. Special sprinklers were also helping cool the pilgrims.

The numbers are sharply down from last year, due to fears linked to the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) virus and to expansion work.

The governor of Mecca Province and head of the central hajj committee Prince Khaled al-Faisal said 1.38 million pilgrims had arrived from outside of the kingdom while only 117,000 hajj permits were issued for domestic pilgrims.

This puts the number of pilgrims this year at almost 1.5 million, less than half of last year’s 3.2 million after Riyadh slashed hajj quotas for foreign and domestic pilgrims because of massive construction works at the Grand Mosque in Mecca and fears linked to the MERS virus.

Khaled told the official SPA news agency late on Sunday that authorities have turned back 70,000 nationals and expatriates for not carrying legal permits and have arrested 38,000 others for performing the hajj without a permit.

Authorities had also seized as many as 138,000 vehicles for violating the hajj rules and their owners will be penalized, the prince said.

Saudi health authorities reiterated on Sunday that no cases of the MERS virus had been detected. The disease has killed 60 people worldwide, 51 of them in Saudi Arabia itself.

The pilgrims were arriving yesterday from nearby Mina where most of them spent the night following the traditions of Islam’s Prophet Mohammed who performed the rituals 14 centuries ago.

They had moved to Mina on Sunday from the holy city of Mecca, home to the Grand Mosque, Islam’s holiest place of worship which houses the cube-shaped Kaaba structure toward which all Muslims pray daily five times.

They will crowd onto the hill and the vast plain surrounding it praying until sunset when they then set off for nearby Muzdalifah.

“I will pray the whole day for God to improve the situation for Muslims worldwide and an end to disputes and bloodshed in Arab countries,” 61-year-old Algerian pensioner Saeed Dherari said.

Sitting at the side of many of Arafat roads and reading from the Koran, Islam’s holy book, Syrian Ahmad al-Khader prayed for oppressed Syrians to be victorious.

“I hope that God will grace all Muslims with security and stability,” said 75-year-old Khader, who hails from the southern province of Daraa.

“The regime is tyrannical and I pray for God to help the oppressed people,” he said.

In Muzdalifa, pilgrims will spend the night before moving on in the morning to start the ritual of symbolically stoning the devil.

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