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Spain considers saying adios to traditional siesta

The Guardian, MADRID

All of this means people go to bed later than they should and get less sleep than they need. Studies suggest Spaniards sleep an hour less than the rest of Europe, which means more accidents, less efficiency, and more children missing school. Additionally they work longer hours than their German and British counterparts, but are less efficient.

However, many believe it will take more than a change of the clock to bring Spain into line with the rest of Europe.

Elver Christine Laanen, 24, is from the Netherlands but works at a healthcare company in Madrid.

“I’ve had to get used to eating lunch at 1:30pm, when I would like to eat at 12pm. And now I make sure I don’t eat a very big dinner, because I don’t think it’s that healthy to eat so much just before you go to bed,” Laanen said.

She is not sure putting the clock back an hour would change much.

“I think Spanish working hours are a cultural thing — you can’t just say it’s all because of the position of the sun,” she said.

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