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Student eats for education

A university student has found a novel way to pay for his education by eating his way through school. Computer engineering student Eric Dahl now ranks third in the world of competitive eating as determined by All Pro Eating rankings. Dahl has earned more than US$18,000 in prize money or merchandise to help pay for his education. “I’m eating for my education,” he said. Dahl was drawn to competitive eating in 2011 at a steakhouse in Wisconsin. Dahl did not want to pay for his meal so he signed up for a challenge: Eat a 1.3kg cheesesteak sandwich in less than 10 minutes and skip the bill. He finished in 5 minutes, 50 seconds. Dahl said he walks a few kilometers a day, lifts weights twice a week and plays soccer and hockey to maintain his 99kg weight. The State Journal reports that he eats no more than 3,100 calories a day of mostly vegetables to maintain his waistline and stretches his stomach by eating 4.5kg of cabbage or broccoli in a single sitting, followed by a lot of water.


Parents fail to see child shot

A California couple did not report that their 10-year-old daughter had been shot for more than five hours because they thought she was bleeding menstrual blood, police said on Friday. The girl was sleeping in her Hayward home at about 2am on Thursday when a stray bullet from drive-by shooting wounded her in the buttocks, Sergeant Mark Ormsby said. When the girl woke up in pain and had blood in her underwear, her parents thought she had started her period, police said. They also found no indication she had been shot when they took her to the bathroom. Ormsby said that when she woke up for school and was still in pain, her parents inspected her bed and saw bullet holes.


Mom fined for ‘Jihad’ shirt

A mother from Nimes, Gard, who sent her three-year-old son to school in a T-shirt reading “I am a bomb” and “Jihad, born on September 11” was given a suspended prison term on Friday for defending crime. Bouchra Bagour said she had simply wanted to mark the birthday of her son, who is named Jihad and was born on Sept. 11, and had not intended any connection with the terrorist attacks made against the US on the same date in 2001. She was acquitted in April by another court on charges of defending terrorism, but prosecutors had appealed the decision. On Friday, a Nimes appeal courts reversed the ruling, fining Bagour US$2,700 and giving her a suspended one-month jail term.


Queen pampers pooches

Queen Elizabeth II is so fond of her corgis that she personally supervises their meals and pours the gravy for them herself, according to a new book on royal pets. In Pets by Royal Appointment, Brian Hoey, who has written about Buckingham Palace for more than 40 years, suggests that the monarch prefers animals to humans. The book says that the royals “are suspicious of practically everyone outside their own family, so the only creatures they really trust are not of the human variety,” according to a statement released with the book’s publication. The book says the dogs’ meals of fillet steak and chicken breast are prepared by a footman and served at 5pm sharp every day, with the 87-year-old queen pouring the gravy on the feast. Elizabeth currently has two corgis and two “dorgis” — a cross with a dachshund — and has had more than 30 corgis during her reign.

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