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Arsonist grieved over son

A California professor who set fires at his late son’s school, a school administrator’s home and a nearby park said he was so overwhelmed with grief after his 14-year-old son killed himself that he wrote and did things he would not normally do. Wiping away tears, 49-year-old Rainer Reinscheid pleaded with a Superior Court judge on Tuesday for a lenient sentence for the arsons. He also apologized repeatedly to school officials, students, his family, his employer and the prosecutor in the year-old case. Reinscheid told the court that the irrational thoughts that drove his behavior in the weeks after his son committed suicide have disappeared. “I lost my son, and then I lost myself,” Reinscheid told the court. “Now, I am asking you, your honor, and many other people, to forgive me and show mercy.”


Gunman kills two

A man opened fire in a restaurant in a small town in the southwest on Tuesday, killing two people and injuring five before taking his own life, police said. Heidelberg police said a meeting of property owners was taking place in the restaurant in the town of Dossenheim, and there had reportedly been an argument shortly before the shooting. Police were alerted at 7pm and there were about 20 people in the restaurant at the time of the shooting. Police said the man had been excluded from the meeting, but returned with a gun and shot dead two men before turning the weapon on himself.


School sees gunbattle

A man with an assault rifle and other weapons exchanged gunfire with officers on Tuesday at an elementary school in Decatur, Georgia, before surrendering, a police chief said, with dramatic overhead TV footage capturing the young students racing out of the building, being escorted by teachers and police to safety. No one was injured. The suspect, Michael Brandon Hill, 20, fired at least a half-dozen shots from the rifle from inside McNair at officers who were swarming the campus outside, the chief said. Officers returned fire when the man was alone and they had a clear shot, DeKalb County Police Chief Cedric Alexander said.


Ancient beads from meteor

The earliest iron artifacts ever found — funeral beads strung around bodies in a 5,000-year-old Egyptian cemetery — were made from a meteorite, archeologists said on Monday. High-tech scanning of the beads, discovered by British archeologists in the Lower Egypt village of el-Gerzeh in 1911, shows the metal came from a rock in outer space, they said. The nine small beads come from two burial sites dated to around 3,200 BC, where they were found in necklaces, along with exotic terrestrial minerals, such as lapis lazuli, agate and gold.


‘Canadiens uniform’ rejected

Toronto transit workers on Tuesday rejected a proposed new uniform, saying it looks too much like the jersey of a longtime hockey rival, the Montreal Canadiens. Sketches of the uniforms with the similar red, white and blue colors of the Canadiens circulated in the local media, prompting the city’s transit union to take a stand. “The colors are unsuitable,” union spokesman Bill Reno said. “Our members, especially those who were born and raised in Toronto and are hockey fans, object to wearing Montreal Canadiens colors. Toronto is a hockey city like Montreal and this is a longtime hockey rivalry that is rearing its head again.”

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