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Woman offers breastfeeding

A woman has posted an offer on a Web site to breastfeed babies of gay couples for 100 euros (US$130) a day. The post, which the Web site said it verified as genuine and legal, reads: “I am a young mother in perfect health, a trained nurse of 29, and I am renting my breasts to milk-feed infants.” The offer promises up to 10 breast-feeds a day. Alexandre Woog, chief executive of the e-loue Web site where the offer appeared, said its staff had contacted the woman and had no doubt about her identity and the seriousness of the proposal, nor the legality of the service proposed. “Our legal advisers are sure of this. It’s illegal in France to sell maternal milk, but this is a person proposing a service, not selling the milk in flasks,” Woog said. He said his Web site, created in 2009 as a platform where users can offer or hire anything legal online, checks any posts that raise eyebrows. The poster told Reuters that she had “received more than a dozen requests, but only half of them were serious. The rest were from perverts.” The breastfeeding offer was the second major eyecatcher since the Web site was founded, Woog said. Another user previously offered to rent out two goats as lawn-cutters.


Daredevil skydives in coffin

A daredevil freed himself from shackles and a locked casket while plummeting to the Earth at 20kph on Tuesday, eventually parachuting gently into a northern Illinois field. Anthony Martin, 47, waved to the cameras and the crowd that turned out to watch his stunt after he landed at a farm in Serena, about 112km southwest of Chicago. Martin said the escape was exhilarating, but that he was disoriented because the plywood casket whipped wildly from side to side while he picked the locks, and he struggled to open the door. “I didn’t feel any force, but what I felt was lot a of jostling,” he said. “It seemed to me like I had a glimpse of the ground for a second then it [the door] came back and I had to give it another push.” Martin, who began teaching himself to pick locks at age six, somersaulted out of the box as he pushed his way out. Everyone involved in the stunt landed safely and no one was seriously hurt, although one of the skydivers trying to steady the box slammed into the door of the plane as they exited, giving him a fat lip and a scraped arm.


Teen kills family, then self

A teenager killed his police officer parents, his grandmother and his great-aunt, and then, after a full day at school, took his own life, police said on Tuesday. The five bodies were found before dawn on Tuesday inside two houses located on the same property in northern Sao Paulo, they said. “Everything seems to indicate that [13-year-old] Marcelo [Pesseghini] killed his parents and relatives,” Itagiba Franco, of the Sao Paulo Civilian Police’s homicide department, told a press conference. Police said the teen’s parents were killed late on Sunday or in the early hours of Monday. Franco said Pesseghini had told a friend he wanted to kill his parents and become a hitman. “He always told me he wanted to become a hired killer. He had a plan to kill his parents during the night, so that no one would notice, and escape in the parents’ car and live in an abandoned place,” police quoted the unidentified friend as saying. The teenager died from a shot to the left temple, while his father’s police-issue service revolver was found nearby, Sao Paulo police commander Benedito Roberto Meira said.

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