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Baby shot and killed

A six-month-old baby who was shot in Chicago while her father was changing her diaper on the seat of a parked minivan has died, police said on Tuesday. The shooting in broad daylight on Monday comes as Chicago struggles to stem an epidemic of gang violence that helped push the city’s murder rate up 16 percent to 506 people last year. The city has already logged more than 60 murders and 250 shootings so far this year. The family was no stranger to gun violence before this tragedy. Jonylah Watkins’ mother was shot in the leg while she was pregnant, the Chicago Tribune reported. The girl’s father was in “serious, but stable” condition in hospital, police said.


Gangsta rap police probed

The head of a police union and three other officers are being investigated for making gangsta rap videos, according to a report. The Newark Star-Ledger reported that the union president, Officer Maurice Gattison, raps under the name “Gat the Great.” He has appeared in numerous videos. One features Gattison rapping about drinking, using an anti-gay epithet and calling himself a “felon for life.” In one scene, Gattison, clad in a fur coat, sits in a car and tells others they might have to meet a Smith & Wesson gun. He then briefly points his finger at the camera as though he is firing a gun. The case has sparked a debate over free speech and whether officers are bound by the same rules of behavior on and off-duty.


Bullying death probed

Officials said on Tuesday they are investigating a father’s complaint that his seven-year-old son died after a violent school bullying incident. The governmental Human Rights Commission in Jalisco State said it is investigating hospital and school officials for possible negligence in the death of the boy, whose name has not been released. Luis Arturo Jimenez, the director of complaints for the rights commission, said the boy died over the weekend of an acute respiratory infection. The boy’s father told the commission that an older classmate had forcibly submerged the boy’s head in a toilet at their government-run school last month. The father said he took the boy to a hospital, but doctors there failed to detect the infection and told him it was a stomach ailment. The boy’s condition worsened, apparently because fecal matter from the toilet had entered his lungs, and he died on Saturday.


Doctors in fake finger fraud

This gives new meaning to punching in at work: Doctors at a Brazilian hospital covered for absentee colleagues by using fake silicone fingers with their prints to fool biometric machines. Globo television showed footage of a doctor touching her finger to the device, then using two fake digits to do the same for colleagues, and taking delivery of slips of paper indicating they had in fact clocked in to work. It had happened at Ferraz de Vasconcelos, in Greater Sao Paulo. The woman told police six other doctors were in on the scam. “She says she was innocent because it is a condition they imposed on her to keep her job,” said her lawyer, Celestino Gomes Antunes. Another television network said it was the head of the emergency room that ran the scam and that his daughter had not worked a day in three years, but got paid all that time. So far, five doctors have been suspended as part of the investigation. The mayor of Ferraz de Vasconcelos, Acir Fillo, said there might be as many as 300 hospital employees who do not work, but who get paid anyway.

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